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A smart, gossipy, and very funny examination of celebrity culture from New York’s premiere social columnist.

Ben Widdicombe is the only writer to have worked for Page Six, TMZ, and The New York Times—an unusual Triple Crown that allowed him personal access to the full gamut of Hollywood and high society’s rich and famous, from billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, and the Koch brothers, to pop culture icons Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Now, in Gatecrasher, New York’s premiere gossip-turned-society writer spills the sensational stories that never made it to print.

Widdicombe has appeared at nearly every gossip-worthy venue—from the Oscars and the Hamptons, to the Met Gala and Mar-a-Lago—and has rubbed elbows with a dizzying array of celebrities (and wannabes), and he whisks us past the clipboard and velvet rope to teach us the golden rules of gatecrashing, dishing on dozens of boldface names along the way.

Widdicombe shares secrets for how to crash the parties, climb the ladder, avoid the paparazzi, or make small talk with Henry Kissinger and Anna Wintour. Endlessly fun and extremely telling, Gatecrasher makes the unnerving argument that Paris Hilton conquering pop culture two decades ago lead to Donald Trump winning the White House. “As the gossip pages go, so goes the country,” he says.

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Customer Reviews

Msaep ,

I was belly laughing @ 3am

Easy read. Mr. Widdecomb has a way of nailing the New York mentality. He is kind where he needs to be but he exposes a lot of “sub text”. The deep Hamptons’s society rule (when couples split) money gets the cadre of friends “no matter what”. And your title, is WHAT you do, defines you. I found myself belly laughing at 3am. For example, to paraphrase, the quality of the party one crashes can be gaged whether on the name checker is chewing gum. And a really confident NY host/hostess will serve pigs in blankets. I took notes in case I ever win the lottery and need a publicist on what not to do at my fundraisers. Definitely a fun read.

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