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Until the war in Iraq, the Special Forces were the military's counterinsurgency experts. Their specialty was going behind enemy lines and training insurgent forces. In Afghanistan, they toppled the Taliban by transforming Northern Alliance fighters into cohesive units. But in the almost nine years since, Special Forces units have forgone their previous mission, instead focusing on offensive raids. With time running short, the Green Berets are going back to their roots and have started to focus on training Afghan security forces and building an Afghan government one village at a time.

Award-winning journalist Kevin Maurer traveled with a Special Forces team in Afghanistan, finding out firsthand the inside story of the lives of this elite group of highly trained soldiers. He witnessed the intense brotherhood built upon the Special Forces' rigorous selection process and arduous training that makes them the smartest soldiers on the battlefield. He also discovered the boredom of chasing an elusive enemy and managing third world cops and the infighting that occurs between teammates and other units.

Nine years after the start of the Afghan war, Maurer delivers a compelling account of modern warfare and of a fighting force that is doing everything in its power to achieve victory on a complex twenty-first-century battlefield.

Mike Chamberlain
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December 30
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234678" ,

News Report

While the book had some engaging content, the audiobook is terrible. The narrator read the entire book like an anchor for a news cast. Even when the team gets into a fire fight, reader stays monotonous and dead panned. Whoever let this guy read a story like this needs a reality check. Read the book instead of listening to it. You mind provides a far greater variety of inflection than this guy can conceive.

Buttviewerasslover ,

Reader of many books on war

This book doesn't seem to have a focus. It seems to just be a snap shot of a A team doing one of the many missions in their bag. I didnt find the real message Maurer was trying to bring home to the reader. His closing words show a lack of understanding on how the amry SF works. Once again this is just my take. Please don't not read it, because there is information that may be new to you and may help you understant SF better. However if you are a student of this branch of SOF it may leave you wanting more. Thank to Maurer for going into harms way to do this book. I feel that says a lot about this man.

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