Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole (Unabridged‪)‬

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A ten-step plan for finding peace, safety, and harmony with your money—no matter how big or small your goals and no matter how rocky the market might be—by the inspiring and savvy “Budgetnista.”

“No matter where you stand in your money journey, Get Good with Money has a lesson or two for you!”—Erin Lowry, bestselling author of the Broke Millennial series

Tiffany Aliche was a successful pre-school teacher with a healthy nest egg when a recession and advice from a shady advisor put her out of a job and into a huge financial hole. As she began to chart the path to her own financial rescue, the outline of her ten-step formula for attaining both financial security and peace of mind began to take shape. These principles have now helped more than one million women worldwide save and pay off millions in debt, and begin planning for a richer life.

Revealing this practical ten-step process for the first time in its entirety, Get Good with Money introduces the powerful concept of building wealth through financial wholeness: a realistic, achievable, and energizing alternative to get-rich-quick and over-complicated money management systems. With helpful checklists, worksheets, a tool kit of resources, and advanced advice from experts who Tiffany herself relies on (her “Budgetnista Boosters”), Get Good with Money gets crystal clear on the short-term actions that lead to long-term goals, including:

 A simple technique to determine your baseline or “noodle budget,” examine and systemize your expenses, and lay out a plan that allows you to say yes to your dreams.
 An assessment tool that helps you understand whether you have a “don't make enough” problem or a “spend too much” issue—as well as ways to fix both.
 Best practices for saving for a rainy day (aka job loss), a big-ticket item (a house, a trip, a car), and money that can be invested for your future.
 Detailed advice and action steps for taking charge of your credit score, maximizing bill-paying automation, savings and investing, and calculating your life, disability, and property insurance needs.
• Ways to protect your beneficiaries' future, and ensure that your financial wishes will stand the test of time.

An invaluable guide to cultivating good financial habits and making your money work for you, Get Good with Money will help you build a solid foundation for your life (and legacy) that’s rich in every way.

* This audiobook includes a downloadable PDF that contains resources from the book.

Business & Personal Finance
Tiffany the Budgetnista Aliche
hr min
March 30
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

KDKeith ,

Awesome book packed with good info!

I love the Budgetnista! This book is an amazing guide. I’m glad to discover that we are on track with things and still have a few items left to do, but we will be 100% as a result of this book!

O Keeys ,


Original and top notch with the terms for any independent woman to gain. Tiffany applies herself to an audiobook that helped me see the light of day; to grasp is only to begin but with the wholesome knowing in place one can become and/or attain a success that leads into the leaving of a legacy. The future still has it’s purpose and it’s only right for us to be official tiers in thrones made possible by the due work put in. I admire this woman and hope her journey is made to last by giving the possibility to learn each process in finance security, employment acknowledgment, contract understanding, and quite possibly the wholesome planning that begins estate promotion when leaving retirement. She clouts the definite gap handling of our tainted economy in the midst of the pandemic for the non excessive ways to “Get Good with Money”. Thanks for such a grandeur project.

Katjrivera ,

Just what I’ve been looking for

I am loving this book! It’s so informative, easy to follow and doesn’t lose my attention. All of the information is presented in a way that just makes things click for me. It’s the guide I’ve been needing to get more serious about getting my finances in order. Very motivating.

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