Get inside Her: The Female Perspective: Dirty Secrets from a Woman on How to Attract, Seduce and Get Any Female You Want (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Do beautiful women pass you by? Do you become nervous, anxious, or frustrated at the thought of approaching a woman? Do you wonder why great guys like you end up alone when grade A jerks score all the hotties? Maybe you are one of thousands of men rejected for absolutely no reason, or find yourself on the receiving end of lame excuses (especially when women never call you back)?

Unlock the secrets women will never tell men!

Andrea Emmes
hr min
August 26
Velocity House

Customer Reviews

Lamborghini fanatic ,

Very detailed

A good book with a lot of insight, but the person narrating it can go over the top sometimes with their voice (too loud, overly excited, etc).

eeereeeekkkkj ,

Thank you for showing me my flaws without making me feel like a pathetic fool.

You are the first person to give me real dating advice that I can use to change. You were the first person to give me knowledge and insight into why I have with my life in the friend zone and how I am killing any attraction women have or might have had for me.

Thank you because now I know exactly why my actions are perceived as wimpy and unattractive And now I also know precisely what I can do to change it without coming off as unauthentic or creepy.

Tired of being lost and embarrassed about the man I am but you help are helping me to actually make the changes that will help me find have real romance and maybe even love.

Once again thank you for helping me know no one else has up to this point clearly explaining what about my actions creates unwanted results and how I can fix this without feeling like a pathetic loser and that’s making it harder for me to make the needed changes.

You are the first person to give me hope and police that I can change without making me feel like a idiot or pathetic fool. I know I can be that way sometimes, but what I needed with someone to not remind me of that so thank you.

I’m doing this on my iPad and it keeps freezing up so this is the fourth review of written so you should be flattered that I even wrote four of these so the others were way more eloquent and more detailed.

Next time you get down on yourself look in the mirror and say you gave a lost guy hope that love is still there to be found and why I haven’t found it yet. And you also gave me the belief I could change and the motivation to do it.

Hoping to find your email so I can give you updates from time to time. Most positive vibes to you Marni

DatBoiMays ,

Get inside her head but mind your business

This book teaches you how a woman feels and think just don’t use it against them use to understand build and improve

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