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Thousands of professional organizers have been trained by Marla Dee, Founder of Clear & Simple. Now you can bring this seasoned expert's skills into your home for less than the cost of a consultation!

Restore freedom, order, and clarity to your home, your office, and your life. Follow the unique Clear & Simple solution and find that organizing can be fun and easy:
The art of letting go...leave clutter behind
See it, Map it, Do it...organizing systems for success
S.T.A.C.K.S...Guidelines to getting it done
Paper systems...freedom from the piles
Reclaim your home...create beauty, order, and serenity
Stake your claim...create an office that empowers you
Bring your car in from the cold...organize your garage, attic, and other storage areas
Freedom from guilt...time strategies that work
Simplify your life...finding peace amidst the chaos
A Gildan Audio production.

Marla Dee
hr min
August 8
Gildan Audio

Customer Reviews

clearingcluttermountain ,

Affirming, positive, well organized

This is a really nice, feel good audiobook that has great steps to clearing clutter. I like the flexibility in the steps with different ways to approach depending on your own personality. I feel guided and supported. I am about half way through listening and wanted to comment because her exercises are already giving me insight. The only problem so far, is that I bought this book when I was already sooooo "ready" to tackle the clutter in my biggest projects that I just couldn't wait to get to the "do it" step fast enough. The steps are short, but the audiobook is quite long to listen to to get all the information behind each step. Definitely my money's worth. :)

lizandgrant ,

Split down the middle

I have really enjoyed this book. Over the years I've tried different types of methods for organizing and I have found this to be the most helpful. But not just in organizing a space. The applications that she uses and the way she uses them can be used across many different avenues... to figuring out how to solve a business problem to organizing that kitchen. And what worked for me is that she gives different types of methods to help those who may be more left brained than right brained or those that are more right brained or for people like me who are mostly in the middle which is confusing in itself. I think this book is worth giving a chance especially if you've had problems in the past with organizing.

Love to Listen ,

The Best Organizing Book Ever

I found this system to be the best I have ever tried. The author understands the reason behind clutter and she shows you how to deal with both the emotions and the mess in a clear & simple manner. It's not just about clearing the space, it's also about putting everything in a place that makes sense in your life, so you will find it easy to stay organized. It's a perfect audio book for anyone that wants to bring order and peace into their home and an ideal gift, as Spring cleaning time is just around the corner.

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