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Get Rid of Your Accent is a phenomenon. Both native and non-native English actors, lawyers, brokers, businessmen, and diplomats have flourished with our help. This audiobook is a leading accent reduction training manual with practical exercises to master general American accent. It is fun and to the point. The audiobook contains 10 percent of theory and 90 percent of practice. It is a perfect training manual for both personal study and classroom situations.

This second edition of the book is a complete guide to American pronunciation. With this audiobook, you will learn and practice:

How to form correct American/English sounds
General rules of American/English intonation and sentence stress
How to sound fluent and natural in American/English
Articulation exercises to make your consonants clear and crisp

This audiobook is suitable for people whose native language is American English as well as for those whose native language is not English. It will be of help for:

Pronunciation and speech teachers
Actors who need to develop a general American accent
Professionals for whom a high standard of English and clarity of speech are important
Public speakers
International businessmen and executives
Call center employees
Skilled professionals: teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc, who wish to advance in their profession in the United States, Canada, and other countries where English is an official or business language (e.g. India)
People who work in service and hospitality industries and need to communicate with good English
Public speakers

You will master the general American accent with words, sentences, funny verses, and prose passages. Existence of an accent can be explained by the fact that some English sounds do not exist in your native language or your regional accent/dialect, and your speech organs are not trained for them. Therefore, these sounds may represent a particular difficulty in pronunciation. In this audiobook, we list speakers of world languages and their particular difficulties and practical recommendations. We recommend that you start with the sounds that are the most difficult first.

Five things this audiobook will help you with:

Neutralizing your accent within two to three months
Making your English clear and easy to understand
Becoming a competent communicator and public speak
Increasing your personal confidence
Improving your job prospect and social life

Practice with this audiobook and watch your career, education, and social life blossom!

Eric Meyers, Rebekkah Hilgraves, Brock Powell
hr min
December 11
Olga Smith BATCS Global

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