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After focusing on topics ranging from teamwork and leadership to employee engagement and meetings  New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni has finally turned his attention toward his own craft—consulting and client service. Tapping into the simple but powerful model that his firm, The Table Group, has been built on, Lencioni presents what may be his most engaging, humorous audiobook yet.
Getting Naked tells the remarkable story of a management consultant who is trying desperately to merge two firms with very different approaches to serving clients. One relies on vulnerability and complete transparency; the other focuses on proving its competence and protecting its reputation for intellectual prowess. In the process of managing the merger, the consultant is forced to learn life-changing lessons that prove to be as relevant as they are painful.
As he does in his other audiobooks, Lencioni provides readers with concepts that are accessible and compelling. He explains the three fears that provoke service providers to unknowingly sabotage their ability to build trust and loyalty. And, as always, Lencioni provides a practical approach for overcoming those fears.

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Dan Woren
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February 23
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Customer Reviews

84 Mac Guy ,

Management Books Don’t Get Better Than This

Getting Naked is the fourth Patrick Lencioni book I’ve listened to and I’ve never been disappointed. Lencioni’s unique technique of teaching management concepts through fictional stories creates books that are so damn interesting that you can’t stop listening to them. His books are like case studies on steroids.

In Getting Naked, the author uses his own experience in a management consulting firm to discuss client interaction techniques that are counterintuitive. In fact, Lencioni’s ideas are so opposite conventional wisdom that many readers will probably think the concepts are a bunch of hooey. Moreover, many people will simply not be able to implement these ideas because their training and experience are too deeply engrained to employ these innovative techniques.

But, for those readers open to new ideas, this book is a treasure trove. Furthermore, the concepts apply to any profession that deals with clients directly, including attorneys, architects, engineers, and, of course, management consultants. Employees can even apply many of these ideas in their jobs, unless, they work for those folks who believe these ideas are hooey.

In conclusion, the book is a delightful way to spend 4+ hours. You will come away feeling you just listened to a great storyteller who also happened to be one smart guy.

Kingwood Business ,

Great story!

What a great read! This is my first Patrick Lencioni book I've both read and listened too. A very easy book to read, and is not typical of many other business books that can put you to sleep. If you are looking for something insightful to help you grow, this is it.

Archi-Tek ,

Excellent Book!

The story is very well written and entertaining. Content is very powerful from a business perspective. Narrator is one of the best I've heard. I listen to business books while driving on business trips and found myself letting phone calls go to voice mail because I didn't want to stop listeneing to this book. Highly recomend.

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