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Everyone loves a good ghost story. Ghosts Among Us is that and more-an incredible journey into the spirit world that sheds light on the greatest mysteries of life and death. James Van Praagh shares his knowledge and life experience about ghosts, taking a world that to many of us seems both crazy and scary and making it accessible, leading not only to understanding but even inspiration. Filled with extraordinary true ghost stories and surprising details about how ghosts actively participate in our lives, Van Praagh challenges us to question our perceptions and shows how we can live more fully by being open to the spirit world.

Lloyd James
hr min
May 27
Tantor Audio

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Jesus lover as well ,

To Jesus Freak

My dear brother in Christ, do you think that you and your buddies are being good representatives of Christ Jesus with your slanderous remarks? Do you think it harms the business of someone like Ms. Brown and Mr. Van Praagh? No, it harms the people's opinion of Jesus because they think Christ IS the Church. Do you not see you are to be immitators of Christ? Christ does not slander people and call them satan worshippers. The only people he cut down on that way were the religious self-righteous fanatics, and He did it in LOVE. Are you writing this in LOVE about Sylvia and James? If not, are you truly representing Christ? You should be watchful and see what Jesus DID NOT do if you are going to lead anyone into the light of Christ, my brothers.

d4uranch ,

A Great Read!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! His approach to this topic is logical, not religious per se and a truly entertaining book. If you have any curiousity about this topic this is a must read. Don't let the title put you off, this is about energy and the force, for those of us hung up on the "ghost" word.

salsablanca ,

Loved it!

I really enjoyed listening to this. It was my first time listening to Van Praagh so I was not sure what to expect. I think if you like learning about psychics/mediums you will enjoy this and find a lot of great information about spirits and the spirit world in this book.

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