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After earning a graduate degree in creative writing from the University of East Anglia, Tracy Chevalier was immediately recognized for her literary talent. In Girl with a Pearl Earring, she recreates the 17th-century world of Johannes Vermeer. This haunting work of historical fiction received rave reviews in publications as diverse as The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and The Christian Science Monitor. In 1664, sixteen-year-old Griet enters the Vermeer household as a servant. Daughter of a Delft tile maker, she has a natural eye for color and design. Daily, she cleans the studio, learning much about how Vermeer sees the people he paints. As his attention focuses on her, she slowly becomes one of his subjects. Tracy Chevalier fills this unusual love story with the shades, sounds, and textures of everyday life in Holland. Narrator Ruth Ann Phimister perfectly voices Griet's growing awareness of the intrigues surrounding her and the need to define the value of her life.

Ruth Ann Phimister
hr min
October 22
Recorded Books

Customer Reviews

bff ipod ,

Great book

this book kept me captivated from start to finish. i was reading it EVERYWHERE! in the hallways of school, in bed, on the bus. this is one of the best books i've ever read. it's combonation of love, mystery and just life brings you into a new world that you've never yet seen. you should buy this book and you will not regret. buy this book for everyone you know ages 12 and up.

the.maine.is.<3.and.<3.is.real ,

wow. 5 stars

This was the first product ive seen on iTunes with a 5 stars overall rating. then i saw it only has 4 reviews! I'de hate to break the streak.

just some pointers:
-buy the unabridged version. The story isn't really that long anyways. Dont cheat urself.
-Dont be alarmed if u think that the language or content will be difficult. i read it and loved it in 6th grade.
-Even tho i am a persistent felon of the crime of judging a book by its cover (and on many occasions have found it good reason to do so). PLEASE DONT JUDGE THIS BOOK BY ITS COVER. My friends and ive read it through class and call it magic but by the end we've all mutually agreed that the girl on the cover (Griet) got more and more beautiful as we read.

Sarabi31 ,

A wondrful book

I have read this book numerious times, and have listened to this book as well. I would suggest this book to everyone who loves to read or listen to a wonderful audiobook. Ms. Chevalier is a wonderful writer.

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