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Stress is an equal opportunity destroyer. Everyone is affected by it. People are desperately seeking solutions. Our unstable world offers little hope with its ever-changing opinions and band-aid remedies. Can stress really be eliminated from your life? Yes! And The God Place shows you how.

In The God Place: Finding Peace and Enjoy Life In A Stressful World, you will discover:
Ancient truths for modern timesA straightforward approach to freeing your mind from overwhelming fearTransforming strategies to embrace your heavenly grace and make the most of God’s gift of lifeWhy worldly coping mechanisms and temporary solutions are not the answerDown-to-earth observations, scriptural support, refreshing encouragement and much, much more!
The God Place is an open invitation to the “whoever." This book is easily approachable and written to readers from different walks of life. Immerse yourself in timely truths as this book takes you down an opportune path leading you on a journey from stress to freedom. Expect to be renewed and refreshed as you emerge with new-found empowerment.

The God Place is essential for everyone. It is a gift for you, your family, friends and loved ones. The God Place is for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the reality and benefits of God’s goodness and love. Break free from the shackles of stress, find peace and enjoy life. Welcome to The God Place.

Bob Gassman is a renaissance man who integrates his diverse background with a passion to connect people directly to God. He is Founder and President of The God Place, Inc; a minister, entrepreneur, author and speaker. He travels the globe to speak and teach about The God Place.

Bob and his wife Kim have been married for more than 40 years and live in Tucson Arizona. They have three beautiful daughters. Say hello to Bob at www.thegodplace.org

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Bob Gassman