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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Literature, Margaret Mitchell's great novel of the South is one of the most popular books ever written. Within six months of its publication in 1936, Gone With the Wind had sold a million copies. To date, it has been translated into 25 languages, and more than 28 million copies have been sold. Here are the characters that have become symbols of passion and desire: darkly handsome Rhett Butler and flirtatious Scarlett O'Hara. Behind them stand their gentler counterparts: Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Hamilton. As the lives and affairs of these absorbing characters play out against the tumult of the Civil War, Gone With the Wind reaches dramatic heights that have swept generations of fans off their feet. Having lived in Atlanta for many years, narrator Linda Stephens has an authentic ear for the dialects of that region. Get ready to hear Gone With the Wind exactly as it was written: every word beautifully captured in a spectacular unabridged audio production.

Linda Stephens
hr min
May 12
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Customer Reviews

Shannon Sendaydiego ,

Love this book!

I cannot believe this book has actually been put on iTunes!! I love it sooo much and I'm only 14rs old xD I hope they don't take this off before I can buy it, it's so expensive but I've lost my book.

GaGaFan98 ,

Want it but too expensive...

I've been wanting this to be on iTunes for so long, but this is just way too expensive. I can't affard to spend $40 like that.

CrazyTuesday2 ,

How Much?!

It'd be so much easier and a hundred times less expensive to carry around my actual copy of the book (which I was actually given for free) than to spend FOURTY DOLLARS on this copy. Its probably less expensive to go to Borders or Barnes and Noble or somewhere similar, buy it on CD and just upload it to my iTunes. While I would adore to have this bloody amazing book with me everywhere I take my iPod, there's no way in hell I'd ever pay that much for a digital copy of it.

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