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In the mid-nineteen sixties, Harry Constance made a life-altering journey that led him out of Texas and into the jungles of Vietnam. As a young naval officer, he went from UDT training to the U.S. Navy's newly formed SEAL Team Two, then straight into furious action. By 1970, he was already the veteran of three hundred combat missions and the recipient of thirty-two military citations, including three Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart.

Good to Go is Constance's powerful, firsthand account of his three tours of duty as a member of America's most elite, razor-sharp stealth fighting force. It is a breathtaking memoir of harrowing missions and covert special-ops-from the floodplains of the Mekong Delta to the beaches of the South China Sea-that places the listener in the center of bloody ambushes and devastating firefights. But Constance's extraordinary adventure goes even farther-beyond 'Nam-as we accompany Constance and the SEALs on astonishing missions to some of the world's most dangerous hot-spots . . . and experience close-up the courage, dedication, and unparalleled skill that made the U.S. Navy SEALs legendary.

Todd McLaren
hr min
November 11
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

Rick 7140 ,


The descriptions of close quarter combat in Vietnam is unparalleled, Constance is a true warrior. I did have a problem with the casual manner in which they took lives, becoming a game with who could kill the most for bragging rights. His emotional IQ relative to dealing with an unfaithful wife is that of a 4 year olds. She should have been kicked to the curb the first time he was told she was picking up men at the officers club.

drdaveg ,

Absolute thrill ride incredible narrator

This book is one of the best war memoirs I've listened to and I've heard them all. Action packed and emotionally narrated this guy and Ray Porter (House to House) are genius actors in their own right. Well worth the money.

Binko969 ,

Kick Ass!

Non stop action from chapter-1. Was totally engrossed and unable to stop listening until the book was finished. Unbelievably descriptive and entertaining. Such an extraordinary life, Harry and his fellow seals cheat and deal out death at every opportunity. You’ll find yourself rooting for the guy and his colleagues at every turn ( most of them ). Real superhuman heroes. Wish there were 25 more chapters. One of the standards I hold other battle/life memoirs up to.

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