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Gorilla Mindset is an entire system that, when coupled with specific mindset shifts and habits, will change the way you think, feel and live your life. 

Applying Gorilla Mindset to your life (make no mistake, this is an audiobook you must apply) will improve your health and fitness, lead to more money and career advancement, and help you have deeper, more meaningful relationships (or more casual ones; it's your choice). 

Your thinking will become clear. You will have more focus. You will know exactly what steps to take to change your life. 

More importantly, you will be able to troubleshoot your own life - what psychologists call auto-regulate - when something goes wrong. 

For the first time ever, there is a complete system for you to live by, and more importantly, to improve and adapt to your needs. Some chapters will revolutionize how you live your life where as others might not apply to you at all. 

Gorilla Mindset is not an audiobook of theory. These are all practical steps - mindset shifts you take or habits you form. 

There are chapters on routine, self-talk, frame, focus, state/mood, mindfulness, and body language. Each chapter contains techniques, mindset shifts, and habits that can be applied to your life. 

Yet each chapter forms part of an entire system to apply to your life. The chapters all feed off of and add to one another. 

For example, improving your self-talk will improve your state or mood. How you frame challenges in your life is also a matter of the language - or self-talk - you use. 

Getting in the moment improves your self-talk just as your self-talk helps you get into the moment. 

At the end of Gorilla Mindset you'll tie every concept together to live the life others don't even dare dream of. 

Mike Cernovich
hr min
July 7
Mike Cernovich

Customer Reviews

Einstein503 ,

Recommended for any thinker

This book is excellent!!

W. U. L. 2 N ,

Teaches you how to think like a winner

This book teaches you how to think like a winner. Mike goes into great detail on how to think and how to put action behind that thinking. Also, if you follow Mike on social media, you'll also see he greatly exemplifies this in his own life. I highly recommend Gorilla Mindset.

JonAWaller ,

Helpful & thoughtful insights

Mike is a champion of the brick by brick approach to building success, vitality, and genuineness. Valuable information. An enjoyable and rich podcast.

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