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From the New York Times bestselling author of Dusk, Night, Dawn, Bird by Bird, Hallelujah Anyway, and Almost Everything

"Lamott has chronicled her wacky and (sometimes) wild adventures in faith in...the wonderful Grace (Eventually)." (Chicago Sun-Times)

In Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith, the author of the bestsellers Traveling Mercies and Plan B delivers a poignant, funny, and bittersweet primer of faith, as we come to discover what it means to be fully alive.

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Anne Lamott
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March 20
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Customer Reviews

cjwak ,

Grace (Eventually)

Okay, first off I mixed up this author with Ann Lotz - so what a surprize this was.

The downside to this book was the reader, the monotone was almost too much to get through, but... the content made me press through.

This author, an odd mixture of Max Lucado and Rossanne Barr takes everyday things that make us human turning it into - something even more human, but a little less bemusing. Her wanderings are not so much about spiritual perfection, but learning to live without it, and still be, irreverently on our way to Heaven.

Don't buy this if your hair is piled so high on your head that it pulls and gives you headached or if you can't wear jeans to church once in a while... I liked this book, but don't think the too up-tight can get it.

Meeeeyow ,

Sure and muscular, Lamott's literary voice is deeply spiritual

Her take on grace, an unearned blessing, is deft and sharp. Nobody else could read her work as she does. I'd never read any of her work until I heard an essay on NPR. I had to hear more, and I'm so glad I bought this. Some say her voice is monotone and droning, but just take a minute and listen to her words, which are clever and sharply observant. If you want neatly tied-up religious pronouncements with a clear message, look somewhere else. She is engaging, like Thomas Moore, and not afraid to splash in the muddy water of life's complicated, weedy lakes. She speaks the language of an unsentimental, contemporary Christian understanding. Get this, everybody and let her read to you. You will listen to it over and over as I do. Her words just keep yielding more and more.

lindaswan ,

Surprisingly confused

I love Anne Lamott's books and have been reading them for years. She is an amazing and gifted writer that has a way with words that are poignant and easy to understand. Unfortunately, this book was more about her political rants than anything else. The beginning of the book started off like the Anne Lamott that I have grown to love, then it starts in on relentless left wing politics. If the intent of the book was to make a strong angry political message it should have been called " I'm a angry screaming Liberal". It was anything but graceful and I never got how it came back to grace? If you long for Anne's original work, don't get this book. If you want to join in on Bush bashing - this book is for you.

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