Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters, Book 1 (Unabridged) Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Gray Wolf Mate: League of Gallize Shifters, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Tess Janver and Cole Cavanaugh fell deeply in love in college. Then, he disappeared without a word. She feared the worst, or thought she did. After seven years, he returns as a beefed-up version of his former self. 

That's not the only thing different. As someone working in a preternatural criminal investigation unit and the daughter of a senator determined to rid the world of dangerous shifters, Tess is caught between performing her duty to humans by protecting the only family she has left and risking her heart to a man who, once, destroyed it. 

Cole had no choice in becoming a Gallize shifter - a secret group of apex predators descended from a druidess - and now faces a deadline from a fatal mating curse he can't stop. The only woman he's ever loved is a human and wouldn't survive bonding with him. 

He never planned on Tess finding out he was a wolf shifter, but she's in danger from a rogue pack. He's not leaving until she's safe, and he has a chance to redeem himself in her eyes before his time is up. 

Enjoy a fast-paced, high-action romantic tale. Each audiobook in this series is a stand-alone. 

The New York Times best-selling author Dianna Love has created a unique shifter series with immortals, mages, witches, and sexy alpha shifters. Gray Wolf Mate is a truly ground-breaking paranormal romance.

Stephen R. Thorne
hr min
October 15
Silver Hawk Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Crimyami ,

Awesome book!

Gray wolf Mate by Dianna Love, First book in League of Gallize, narrated by Stephen R. Thorne.

Stephen Thorne does a wonderful job at telling the story that Dianna Love has written. The perfect tones for Cole and the others in the group as he brings the story to life for all of us to enjoy. I'm very pleased with his voice and reading skills.

This story is about shifters, but their not normal shifters, their Gallize, and they seem to be a bit more special than what we're use too in books. This story takes us to where shifters have been outed to normal humans, and now the world for shifters hiding in the dark is no longer possible. The government has a special unit that solves paranormal crimes, and Tess, Coles true love is in that unit.

Cole is a wolf shifter, a gallize one at that. When trouble comes, he figures he needs to protect the woman that he loves, and leave her again. Things just aren't that simple for Cole though because his wolf doesn't want to leave Tess. Cole is a different type of character, trying to be in a pack but having a lone wolf complexity acting like it's fine if he does things as long as others are safe. He gets put into a sticky situation with Tess and have to work with her, and the hurt he caused her in order to try and save everyone.

Tess isn't a bend the knee type woman. She does seethe over things that happen even she is angry about them. She's worked hard to get where she is and trying to figure out the shifter pack who killed her mother. When she runs into Cole again, the evidence says one thing but her heart says another. Trusting him will take time, trying to go through the hurt that she was put through by Cole and the misinformation to show he is innocent is another thing. She's got her hands full especially with the political side of things trying to go into play.

All in all this book is wonderful, and fun to listen too. Dianna Love writes it beautiful as everything flows nicely and smoothly together. There's not a lot of hiccups and things are kept secret and start to show more as we see more of the world Dianna has made and is sharing with us in the Gallize series.

CB3Z3000 ,

League of Gallize Shifters Book One

League of Gallize Shifters Book One.

Tess Janver has been working with the SCIS in the hopes of learning as much as possible about shifters after the death of her mother. Cole Cavanaugh found out he was an elite kind of shifter just after making the decision to spend the rest of his life with her. Now that they are on opposite sides of the shifter issue, Cole is caught by SCIS after his mortal enemies set him up. Tess believes the man in the infirmary is in league with the Black River pack of shifters, responsible for countless violent attacks. With the odds stacked against them, Tess and Cole have to work their way through their misinformation and hurt to find each other again.

If you're looking for a new series of shifters and the women who make them whole, this is the book for you!

Audio Review:
Stephen R Thorne is a great addition to this series. He narrates the way you tell a story - with appropriate inflections, but he does not play-act the story.