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Tempted to give up? Here's how to keep going.

If you browse through the interviews with some of the most successful people on Earth, you'll find one common piece of advice shared by virtually all of them:

They never give up on their big goals.

Research shows that grit is a better predictor for success than any other factor. The ability to keep going despite setbacks is more important than your IQ, character, or external factors like your upbringing or surroundings.

But what does it really mean to "never give up"? What exactly is grit? How do you persevere when faced with larger-than-life difficulties? How do you keep going when you're at the brink of exhaustion, and all your hard work hasn't been rewarded yet?

I wrote this book to explore the subject of persistence from a more scientific point of view than clichéd self-help sayings provide. I want to share with you how exactly to stick to your goals according to peak performers and science - not vague motivational advice that assumes we have unlimited strength once we're motivated enough.

Here are just a couple of things you will learn from the book:

A crucial piece of advice you can learn from the first people who reached the South Pole. If you make the wrong choice, you'll burn out - guaranteed.
What famous American comic Jerry Seinfeld did in the early days of his career to keep going. It's a simple trick that provides huge results.
What a study of top musicians, athletes, actors, and chess players can teach you about achieving results and persistence.
The one trait, according to studies, that is strongly associated with grit and persistence. Learn what it is and how to develop it in five different ways.

There's no reason why you should give up if you're working on the right goal. Learn how to make sure you'll reach your objectives. Buy the audiobook now.

John Gagnepain
hr min
July 28
Meadows Publishing

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Jamshid Asadzadeh ,

Broken chapter

Chapter 4 (Track 7) is broken, starting at about 00:20 to 02:30...please fix

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