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A fun, sexy, and emotionally riveting new stand-alone romance by New York Times best-selling author Melissa Foster. USA Today best seller The Gritty Truth is the perfect love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, strong family bonds, bikers, babies, and more!

Recovering drug addict Quincy Gritt has fought his demons. He’s confessed to his crimes and conquered his addictions. He’s finally ready to go after sweet, sexy Roni, the gorgeous brunette who won a date with him in a charity auction five months ago and has been putting him off, and driving him wild, ever since.

Dancer Veronica “Roni” Wescott worked hard to escape the seedy area where she was raised and followed her dreams to Julliard, only to have them shattered in the blink of an eye. She fought hard and regained her footing, but then the rug was pulled out from under her again when the grandmother who raised her passed away, leaving Roni feeling adrift in a world she knows very little about outside of dance. And then there's Charlie Hunnam-lookalike Quincy Gritt - the man whose late-night texts pulled her through her grief and have been setting her heart aflutter for months

Quincy pulls out all the stops, determined to prove that their friendship is only the beginning of what’s destined to be so much more. Romantic nights lead to smoldering passion and a deep connection too strong to be denied. But when Quincy’s past comes back to haunt him, can he and Roni accept their new gritty truth, or will Quincy spiral back into the darkness and lose the future he fought so hard to have?

The Whiskeys are perfect beach listens with depth of story, strong family ties, and a wealth of emotions. Small-town love stories with happily ever afters guaranteed.

Jennifer Mack, Jacob Morgan
hr min
December 11
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

CharlotteLynn ,

Hearthbreaking Love

Audiobook Review…I cannot rave enough about Quincy Gritt’s story. I was listening to Jennifer Mack and Jacob Morgan read his story and tears were rolling down my cheeks. The story is hard, emotional, and wonderful. The narrators bring the fear, the strength, and the Gritt of the story to life. The love between Quincy and Roni is evident with every look, every word, and every touch. I could feel their love come to be as I heard their story be told.

Ebook Review…I have been waiting for Quincy’s story and it is finally here. Quincy has been a character in other Whiskey books, and I knew he had quite the story to tell. Never did I dream that Melissa Foster would take me on the ride she did while telling the story. I cried I cringed, I hoped, and I dreamed of Quincy and Roni. Both characters had a story to tell and their stories made them perfect for each other.

Roni and Quincy are both recovering. They are recovering from different things, but they are both working to keep their past behind them and find a future they can thrive and grow in. While texting for months, blushing when Roni sees Quincy, and keeping their distance from each other they shared their lives, dreams, and hopes for the future. Quincy was taking notes and making plans on his way to win Roni’s heart. The first date between them put all other first dates to shame. I swooned while reading what Quincy was willing to do for Roni. It goes to prove that you do not have to spend a lot of money or go to extravagant ends to impress someone, just take the time to learn what is important to them and make it work for you.

Melissa Foster is amazing, talented, and knows just the words to write to pull her reader deep into her characters' world. Pick up your copy of The Gritty Truth. Read the entire series of The Whiskeys.

Terri Dickey ,

Overcoming their past.

Audio Review
Quincy and Roni both have pasts they wish they could forget but it is what made them who they are today so there is no escaping it but when their friendship grows to something more they need to tell the other just how bad their childhoods were and hope they can move past them to a future with each other.

This is a book about healing and learning and moving on. It is a slow burn love affair where Quincy and Roni are friends long before they allow it to be more so when they do come together the sparks really fly.

Jennifer Mack and Jacob Morgan did a great job. I love listening to Jacob, this was my first listening to Jennifer and she was great.

I enjoyed listening to this book.

lclarke1 ,

Good read!

I have waited for a while for Quincey's story and the wait is over. We were introduced to the troubled Quincey at the beginning of this series and have seen pieces of him throughout but now we get the entire story.

Quincy, born to a drug addicted mother and former addict himself has been working on his recovery for the last two years. He has gotten a job, is going to school has an apartment, has repaired his relationship with his brother Truman as well as formed a relationship with this siblings that his brother is raising. He has had a troubled past that he has worked hard to cover come and has forged some strong relationships.

We also get to know more about Roni and her troubled past. She was an aspiring dancer that after a terrible accident is no longer able to dance professionally and has chosen to teach instead. She is still working through the loss of her grandmother who raised her. She works through her issues with Quincy's past and learns to become supportive to him and his continued recovery.

The pair have amazing chemistry once they make that move. Once they took the step to start their relationship, they did so through text messages and then evolved into more. The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts and palpable at times.

As the pair work through their issues, I was glad that in the end they got their HEA. Where this book is said to be able to be read as a standalone read, I would not recommend it as there are a lot of interpersonal relationships between the supporting characters that appear throughout this book and it would make things rather confusing to the reader unless they are current with the series. I did enjoy seeing the characters from the previous books as a way to catch up with them after their stories.

Overall this was a good read and the narrators in the audio version did a great job bringing the story to life. Both Jennifer Mack and Jacob Morgan narrated this story well making it an enjoyable listening experience. I would recommend this book to others.

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