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Salon Marketing is about three things, 1. Attracting new clients, 2. Turning them into regulars and 3. Keeping them as long as possible. GROW 4 Marketing covers all three with a practical overview of what it takes to build a successful brand in todays highly competitive market.

Any charts used in this book are downloadable from www.growmysalonbusiness.com/charts

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Marketing?
What is marketing?
The 7 Ps of marketing
You are the marketing department
A business is a collection of individuals
What is the purpose of marketing?
The functions of marketing
The 3Ms – Market, Message, Media…
The 5 big questions…
Now you know…

Chapter 2: What is the concept for your salon?
What is the concept for your salon?
The need for market research…
Salon industry trends…
Internal analysis
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Chapter 3: Who is your target market?
Who is your target market?
If you were a magazine
Choose 5 people…
What are the needs and expectations of your target market?
What are your brand values?
Choosing a product manufacturer to be aligned with
Your number 1 marketing tool is…
Now you know…

Chapter 4: How do you get more clients?
How do you get more clients?
What is your basis for growth?
Client generation internal
Client generation external
Key points to focus on with advertising
The message and the medium…
Traditional advertising media
Digital marketing media
Your website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy
The explosion of social media
The ins and outs of PR
Relationship marketing
The need to be authentic
Develop a yearly marketing activity plan
Promotional opportunities
Discount versus added value
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Chapter 5: How do you turn them into clients?
Turning them into regulars
The journey from customer to client
What are you really selling
The components of success
Client conversion strategies
Value-added and customised…
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Chapter 6: Turning clients into lifelong advocates
How do you keep them as long as possible?
Client retention – Turning clients into lifelong advocates
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Antony Whitaker