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This book emphasizes the importance of gardening and fresh vegetables. It beautifully explains how agriculture enthusiasts can fulfil their hobbies without technically requiring a big field or certain soil conditions. 

Container Gardening: 

This book encourages people towards the title. Surprisingly, many vegetables can be grown in such pots and can quickly fulfill daily vegetable needs. It is considered the most comfortable way because it is space-efficient; you can choose the volume of your choice and any geometry. It is the most suitable method for urban areas where having an actual garden is quite impossible. One does not have to worry about the environmental and soil conditions as it is useful in any conditions. So, those who are making excuses for not having a garden can now accomplish their gardening desires while having easy accessibility to healthy vegetables. 

Planning the Container Garden: 

Planning is essential in every aspect, and for this particular task, one needs to have a complete understanding of what he/she decides to grow. You need to know which types are you growing because it might have to do with the time it takes to succeed. For instance, one trying to grow tomatoes should consider its consumption before developing; otherwise, it may rot if used. 

There are many examples, and take ESPALIER as an example; it is a tree grown against a wall. 

Square Foot Gardening is another excellent example as it allows to divide of a limited space into a fair amount of vegetables. 

It also covers the list of herbs that can be grown indoor. It thoroughly picks out herbs like Bay laurel, Chervil, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary. To produce these herbs, you have to provide a suitable amount of sunlight along with water. Apart from it, proper feeding would help grow these herbs relatively faster. 

Who is it for? 

People who love to grow their daily eatables. 
Anyone who loves gardening but can't afford one. 
Individuals who want to decorate their houses with a natural look. 
Specifically for vegetarians who love to have different veggies every day. 

About the author: 

Jaron Chapman was born and raised in Southport. His love for nature and the environment was visible since his childhood. He decided to share his passion through gardening and culinary courses, publishing his articles, and changing people's lives worldwide.

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Jaron Chapman