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Garion has slain the evil God Torak and been crowned King of Riva. The Prophecy has been fulfilled--or so it seems. While the strange child Errand was growing up in the Vale of Aldur with Polgara and Durnick, showing only occasional flashes of inexplicable knowledge and power, Garion is learning to rule and be a husband to his fiery little Queen, Ce'Nedra.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Cameron Beierle
hr min
September 15
Books in Motion

Customer Reviews

josesolismuisc ,

Best narration

Being a fan of these books since they came out I just love this narration by Cameron Beierle. Just think of all the voice characters he had to come up with makes me dizzy. After listening to his narration of The Belgariad I can still recognize his characterization of the main characters, and almost see them, even the female ones, and the children as they grow.

The only really thing I regret is that Silk's voice when he first appears in Pawn of Profecy sounds SO different later on. It's better later, but he should've re-recorde that section to match the rest.

If you're like me, who have to listen to books instead of reading them, because you have SO much to do. this is realy the BEST reading of The Malloreon you will find. The other one i heard... Well, I would've rather had been invited to a Grolem ceremony.

Draaven ,

Book 3 in series not available on iTunes - BEWARE

Great job iTunes. Book 3 is not available. Guess I'll have to buy to shop elsewhere. Great series to listen to though!

gordealean ,

Outstanding series

This is an incredible book in an amazing series. I hope that all the books of the Mallorean and the Belgariad become available on itunes!

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