Hacking: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Computer Hacking (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you know a little something about hacking but want to know more? Do you want to learn how to get past the information-gathering stage and how you can actually start accessing systems? Are you interested in learning how to make money hacking without actually breaking the law?

This book is going to go through all these concepts and a whole lot more. We will teach you how to start off in a career as a professional, ethical hacker - actually improving the security of systems online rather than destroying them.

We'll teach you how to access the system, where to find exploits, what you need to know about programming and tools that will make your life so much easier. Start looking for vulnerabilities to exploit yourself or start to look for evidence that the system you are working on has been hacked. Learn to think like a real hacker.

And then learn how to think like the security experts you are going to come up against as well. Learn what kind of countermeasures you might have to deal with and what to do about these. And, finally, learn about how you can keep your own identity as a hacker a secret - that is, after all, half the fun, isn't it?

Want even more? What about a glimpse into the interesting world of code-breakers? Learn what cryptography is all about and why you need to know about it as a hacker.

Do you have to spend a fortune to learn how to become a hacker or to start your own career? You don't really - you don't even need to shell out for a fancy operating system to use. There is one out there that works like a dream for hackers and that is so light you can even run it without having to uninstall your current operating system. And, what's more, there are plenty of free hacking tools to get you started as well.

Science & Nature
Graeme Daniels
hr min
December 1
Eddington Publishing

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