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Hairstylist Marla Shore volunteers for Taste of the World, a fundraiser sponsored by Ocean Guard. It is a decision she soon regrets. First Chef Pierre's rum-soaked bananas Foster goes up in flames, making her wonder if sabotage caused the incident. Her suspicions deepen as more chefs drop off the roster and Ocean Guard's attorney is murdered. Does the lawyer's death relate to an estate being managed by the group? If their gala fails, this property will fall into the hands of a mysterious heir. With a killer on the loose, Marla has a lot more to worry about than which canapes her chefs should serve. She'd better comb through the knot of suspects to catch the bad guy before he strikes again.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Mary Ann Jacobs
hr min
November 7
Orange Grove Press

Customer Reviews

JuliaAD ,

Who can she trust?

Marla volunteered to help with a fundraiser for Ocean Guard. She is coming to regret the decision to help out when chefs are backing out and some are getting hurt. Someone is trying to keep her from helping by leaving a dead duck on her doorstep and ransacking her house. Then someone is polluting the area they are supposed to be helping and her cousin is having a hard time with her daughter's boyfriend. Things are not adding up and Marla is trying to find out who is to blame for all the mess and isn't sure who to trust.

Centralrast2 ,

Keeps you guessing until the end

I enjoyed listening to this mystery of who is trying to sabatoge the Taste of the World fundraiser and the situations that Marla finds herself in as she tries to figure out what is going on. Marla works her way through the suspects wanting to eliminate some, but tries to be fair. All the while she also is trying to figure out who is trying to keep Ocean Guard from taking possession of the preserve and if the two events are connected.
I liked how she went about combining interviewing suspects, gathering clues, and finding chefs to take part in Taste of the World. She also finds time to combine dating with sleuthing and still work on her day job.
I enjoyed the narrator of the book as well . She did a good job in the voices for the different characters.
This was an interesting mystery and I plan to explore more in the series. "I voluntarily received a review copy of this audiobook from the author."

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

the body count starts to add up

Marla Shore is recovering from her first run in with a killer.  Since she’s physically unable to work in her beauty salon, she volunteers for the Taste of the World to keep busy.  Dalton Vail, a police officer and hopeful suitor, is thrilled that she will be busy and out of his cases.  Oh, if it were only that easy Dalton!

In Hair Raiser: The Bad Hair Day Mysteries, book 2, the body count starts to add up.  Marla has caught the eye of a new suitor and Taste of the World is shaping up … but not like one would expect!

Nancy Cohen has taken Marla, growing her character into a tenacious sleuth with the intellect and tenacity of Columbo but the fun and outgoing personality of a young Jessica Fletcher.  One cannot help but love Marla.  The chemistry between Marla and Dalton continues to get more interesting but one is not clear where their relationship is headed.  Cohen keeps us guessing past the end of the book!

I thought I knew who the killer was in this book but much to my surprise, each person suspected proved to not to be the killer. Cohen is a masterful weaver of mystery and twists; she skillfully misdirects the reader until the last moment.

Mary Ann Jacobs gives an excellent performance.  She assumes the role of each character projecting them through her many voices.  I could listen to Jacobs for days, her voice is soothing.

If you enjoy light cozy mysteries, this is a great series to get hooked on!

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