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There’s a different schemer or slimeball behind every door: cocaine duckpins who have survived only by the dumbest fortune, hard-luck gigolos desperate to score, undercover cops busting undercover cops who are running sting operations on undercover cops. And just down the row, local historian and spree killer Serge A. Storms—who has stopped keeping up with his meds—is still looking for a briefcase stuffed with five million dollars … and is now capable of wreaking more havoc than hurricane Rolando-berto, the big wind gathering force offshore, just waiting for the opportunity to blow everything straight to hell.
Pack up your bags and head south to sunny Florida. Leave your rational mind at home and come well armed. There’s a room with your number on it at the Hammerhead Ranch Motel.
“Close on the hyperactive heels of last year’s Florida Roadkill, Tampa writer Tim Dorsey has unleashed an equally blistering sequel.”—Florida Today

Mysteries & Thrillers
George Wilson
hr min
January 1
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Leftkwright ,

Hammerhead Ranch Motel

I have purchased all of Dorsey's books and love the speed, craziness and hilarity. I started purchasing audiobooks recently and can only say that in the early books, like this one, my enjoyment comes from the writing, not the narration. The narration does get better in later books, but throughout the series the narrator continually mispronounces words and it drives be crazy. If a word begins with a "g" he will always use a hard g. Gibberish is pronounced "jibberish," and for somebody talking about Latinos, it is unsettling to hear guayaberas pronounced as guy-a-bera, when it is correctly pronounced "why-a-bera". There are embarrassing mistakes with every book, that take away from the book and makes you wonder if the publisher should spring for a proof-listener. Also detritus is DET-truh-tus not det-TRY-tus.
Another problem is the narrator's attempt to do Lenny's stoner voice, he ends up sounding like a person with a speech impediment who got drunk. Some difference between Serge Zaragoza and other characters would help and if he is going to do accents, he could make them a lot more .
Still, the book is very much fun and helps long drives immensely.

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