Hannibal: One Man Against Rome (Unabridged) [Unabridged Nonfiction‪]‬

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This is the breathtaking adventure of the great Carthaginian general who shook the foundations of Rome. When conflict between Rome and Carthage resumed in 219 B.C., after a brief hiatus from the first Punic War, the Romans decided to invade Spain. Eluding several Roman legions sent out to intercept him in Spain and France, Hannibal Barca astoundingly led his small army of mercenaries over the Alps and thundered down into the Po Valley. The Carthaginian swept all resistance from his path and, as one victory led to another, drove a wedge between Rome and its allies. Hannibal marched up and down the Italian peninsula for 18 years, appearing well nigh invincible to a Rome which began to doubt itself for the first time in its history.

This violent and exciting narrative will thrill you with the accounts of heroism and brilliance displayed on both sides as the war raged mercilessly across the entire Western Mediterranean. Learn how the patience of Fabius Maximus and the genius of Lucius Cornelius Scipio finally turned the tide in this, the world's first "global" conflict...a conflict whose aftermath proved to be one of the most decisive and enduring events in world history. And finally, learn the secret to the success of Hannibal, the most brilliant military commander of all time.

Charlton Griffin
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March 28
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Customer Reviews

screenbetween ,

Outstanding! One of history's most interesting figures and times.

I really enjoyed this audio book, in fact so much so that I plan on listening to it again. For me that's a big deal, being that few books have brought me back after completion. Eloquent in its narration and depth, Harold Lamb has done a most spectacular job telling this wonderfully interesting, true story of a critical time in ancient history. And oh, what a different world it was.

I give it 5 of the brightest stars. Well done sir!

Jojosalisbury ,

Very enjoyable, and fascinating history.

I could hardly stop listening to this audio book. I read Lambs' Genghis Khan biography, and enjoyed it, so I decided to try this. It was great. Loved the additions of sound effects at the beginning and end of chapters. I felt moved at the end of this book as the fall of Carthage and Rome's conquest of all who oppose it is described. Hannibal is depicted in this book as one of the good guys, and I found myself cheering him on against the Roman Republic. I enjoyed this so much, I bought a bunch of Lamb's out of print historical biographies.

ihaven0nickname ,

DON'T BUY THIS YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!! Great information, terrible narrator

The book and infor on Hannibal is great, but the narrator is terrible, If you are interested in Hannibal I suggest you read the book and avoid buying the audio version. I am forcing myself to listen to it because it was $20, but I would have trashed it by now if it was a free download from audible.

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