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A Happy Pocket Full of Money, first published in 2001, so impressed Rhonda Byrne, that she asked author David Cameron Gikandi to be the Creative Consultant on the global film phenomenon, The Secret.

"If you liked The Secret you will love this book. I highly recommend it." - Morris E. Goodman

True wealth is not about buckets of cash. True wealth is not about designer clothes. It is not about a new Mercedes. It is not about living in a palatial estate. True wealth is about discovering value within yourself and value within other people. It is about a kind of conscious living that incorporates gratitude, a belief in abundance, and the experience of joy. Based on the recent discoveries of theoretical physics and a close reading of inspirational classics of the last century, Gikandi creates a new model for the creation of personal wealth; a new model that shows readers how to create abundance by saving, giving, offering charity, and building happy relationships. 
Learn to use an internal mantra to build wealth consciousness.Practice conscious and deliberate thoughts and intentions.Decide, define, and set goals you can believe in.Practice gratitude, giving, and faith, and experience abundance and joy in your life.
"This may be the Gamer's Manual for the game/dream/illusion of this manifested life. Simply amazing! Gikandi is firmly rooted in non-duality/Oneness, and in quantum physics, and provides the rules for how to navigate this manifestation and have a great time doing it. If you have stumbled across this review, and what I'm saying makes sense to you, or lights you up, it may be a sign that this book is for you." - L. Meredith

"This book is the same as reading 1,000 books of wisdom & truth" - J. Ybarra

"Napoleon Hill meets Albert Einstein to discuss A Course In Miracles - An Amazing, Beautiful Transformative Guide." - Patrick

Business & Personal Finance
John Wayne Myers
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July 11
David Cameron Gikandi

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