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A few days after an ordinary Valentine's Day, Cindy Beall's life changed forever. She listened with disbelief as her husband, Chris, a respected pastor, confessed to pornography addiction, numerous affairs, and the startling news that a woman was pregnant with his child.

With raw honesty and intimate knowledge of pain and of God's power to resurrect something new out of the debris of betrayal, Cindy reveals how to:seek guidance, counseling, and prayer support when deceptions surfacehelp the family heal from the grief and humiliationrebuild trust after porn, sex, and other addictions undermine a relationshipprotect a marriage from lies and unfaithfulnessrely on God to pursue forgiveness and move forward in new promises
Cindy's compassion, grasp of God's Word, and the Bealls' remarkable story will help wives and husbands trust God with their broken hearts and follow His leading, hope, and redemption.

Religion & Spirituality
Laura Jennings
hr min
July 11
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

Faith Hope LoveLuv ,

Abrupt Ending but fantastic resd

This would be a total TEN star review if it didn’t end so unexpectedly. I LOVED this book and testimony. It removed a veil that was locked down and immovable from my hardened heart. This has been the absolute BEST book I have read in the past 3 years. The authors ability and steadfastness to stand on Gods Word was so powerful and encouraging. She portrayed every characteristics of a strong Christian backbone that it caused these dead bones to rise. I am truly blessed to have come across this book, anyone who reads it will be. I am looking forward to buying the next book, hopefully - that one has an ending that provides closure :-)

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