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Brianna Heart has a six-year old daughter and a 12-year plan to keep her life as simple as possible until Layla turns 18. That means swearing off relationships and the drama that goes along with them, working two jobs, and being the best damn mother she can be.

The last thing Capital Series Grand Prix racer Hugh Braden wants after dating media-hungry leggy models and money-hungry fan girls is a blind date. But how could he turn down a favor to one of his best friends? Hugh expected the date to go poorly, but he didn't expect to be intensely attracted to the beautiful brown-eyed bartender who completely blows him off - and steals his every thought thereafter.

When Brianna's perfectly orchestrated life turns upside down, Hugh is there to help, softening the turmoil, and maybe even rescuing her heart from the lonely place where it has been hiding. Can a man who doesn't believe in fate and a woman who doesn't believe in true love find happiness in each other's arms forever?

B.J. Harrison
hr min
May 5
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Pattyfgd ,

Hugh & Brianna

Race car drivers, aren't they all playboys? Hugh used to be, but now he is looking for the kind of connection his cousins and brothers have. When he meets Brianna in a restaurant, he things he may have found his match. But is she interested? Brianna is a single mom, just trying to get by. She does not date and her main focus is her adorable daughter Layla. Now being pursued by Hugh is quite an experience. This man does not take no for an answer, and does she not want to take the chance? I love the Bradens! Each one is so different, but their hearts all contain that swooniness I love. Hugh is so attentive and loving, and the way he takes to Layla is heart melting. Brianna is not as easy. Hesitant, and understandably so, there were times I wanted to just push her a little! And stealing the show is Layla. She is the cutest, most gracious child, and I loved her! And it's always fun seeing the family, like Savannah and Jack. It's coming home. Melissa Foster always makes my heart full.

BJ Harrison continues his narration of the series, and he is the voice of the Bradens. I enjoy his voices and his consistency between books is remarkable. I find him a calming listen, and know I will be in a good mood when I am finished with his performance.

LynnZ1234 ,

Awesome Story Continuing in this Series

I received this audiobook free for an honest. Love this book and this series. I heard the beginning of this book at the end of the last one and just had to have it. So excited when I began it. Couldn't stop listening. I didn't get much accomplished around my house other than to listen to this book until it ended. Now looking for the next. You will not be disappointed. Melissa is an excellent, creative author with so many ideas in her brain. Every book is unique, other than same romance theme. This HEA is a standalone, but the characters from the other books play a part in creating this awesome love story. You will enjoy it more if you listen to the others first. The narrator does a great job with the characters, their personalities and the overall story.

charlligirl ,

This a bittersweet story for me

I was actually surprised in this book. I never expected Hugh (playboy) to settle down especially with a woman with a child. Brianna got pregnant right after college and has been a single mom, working two jobs ever since. When Hugh comes into her life, he turns it upside down giving her and her daughter gifts that she would never purchase on her own. As a matter of fact, she tells Hugh he has to stop buying Layla things because it's too much and she doesn't want her daughter to expect this when he's gone. But he has no intention of going anywhere.

The birthday party was so much fun for little Layla. And let's not forget the theater he rents out to have her play that she wrote produced by family and friends. He thinks of everything. But is he really ready to be a dad and husband? And is Brianna ready to trust him that he won't leave?

I think Hugh is my favorite Braden at the moment. Growing up with a single mom, this story really hit home for me. Unfortunately, there are no Hugh Braden's in real life. So this story is bittersweet for me.

As always, BJ Harrison brings home this story with impeccable taste and I love listening to his portrayal of the Bradens.

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