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Brianna Heart has a six-year old daughter and a 12-year plan to keep her life as simple as possible until Layla turns 18. That means swearing off relationships and the drama that goes along with them, working two jobs, and being the best damn mother she can be.

The last thing Capital Series Grand Prix racer Hugh Braden wants after dating media-hungry leggy models and money-hungry fan girls is a blind date. But how could he turn down a favor to one of his best friends? Hugh expected the date to go poorly, but he didn't expect to be intensely attracted to the beautiful brown-eyed bartender who completely blows him off - and steals his every thought thereafter.

When Brianna's perfectly orchestrated life turns upside down, Hugh is there to help, softening the turmoil, and maybe even rescuing her heart from the lonely place where it has been hiding. Can a man who doesn't believe in fate and a woman who doesn't believe in true love find happiness in each other's arms forever?

B.J. Harrison
hr min
May 5
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

ajmeyer1966 ,

Love at First Sight

Hugh Braden is a professional race car driver. Brianna Heart is a single mother working as a bartender whose real passion is photography. While waiting me meet a blind date, Brianna catches Hugh’s attention. He is instantly smitten. After he drops of his blind date, he returns to the bar to seek out Brianna.

Brianna’s sole focus is on her six-year-old daughter Layla; she is not looking for any type of relationship due to a 12-year plan she has set for herself, but Hugh consumes her thoughts. She has no idea who he is and that’s a refreshing thing for Hugh. As they get to know each other, Brianna begins to see that Hugh is truly a caring, honest and passionate man. Once she learns of his profession, will she let her insecurities keep her from the most amazing man she’s ever met or will she let them go to find her HEA.

DenaDonnatelli ,

Hugh, Brianna and Layla

Brianna Hart is a single mom to six-year old Layla with a hectic but organized life. She works two jobs - bartender and photography assistant, and has put any kind of romance on the back burner until Layla turns eighteen. That’s her 12 year plan. Of course fate has other things in store for Brianna’s best laid plans.

Enter Capital Series Grand Prix racer and heart throb Hugh Braden, the youngest of the Weston Braden clan. He meets Brianna when he shows up for a disastrous blind date as a favor to a friend and is immediately captivated by Brianna, the bartender who gives his drink order to someone else to deliver. That’s a first for Hugh and that endears her to him in a new way. Used to women falling at his feet for their own personal reasons, Brianna is a breath of Spring. Although not looking for love, he has been taking stock of his party style life, wanting more. Watching his siblings fall in love makes Hugh realize he wants that connection that’s missing in his life.

Brianna is so busy being the best mom she can be and working practically non-stop, it’s easy to see how she almost fails to recognize her loneliness.

Hugh takes the time to get to know Brianna, understanding that she can’t introduce him to Layla, until they meet quite by accident. I loved Hugh’s quiet pursuit of Brianna and the way he cared to learn about Layla. He was swoon worthy on so many levels, romancing both mother and daughter, understanding her fears and insecurities especially dating a celebrity who has woman fawning all over him. He learned that just because you can doesn’t mean you should and respected Brianna’s wishes not to overly spoil Layla, not wanting her to expect things or lording her good fortune over her friends. Brianna does a great job of teaching Layla what’s important in life and Hugh does a wonderful job of convincing her it’s okay to be spoiled on occasion.

As always the Braden family is there to lend support, whether an ear or helping hand. I love this family so much!

B.J. Harrison is a wonderful narrator, easily switching up the voices of the characters, making sure you feel their emotions without though, adding so much to the already great story.

If you love single parent, new love romances, Hearts at Play is definitely for you!

MissyD10829 ,

Love me some hunky Hugh!

Hearts at Play by Melissa Foster is book 6 of The Bradens series. It is the story of Hugh and Brianna. Hugh is one of the 5 hunky Braden brothers and is a race car driver. He has a real need for speed and is a thrill seeker. Hugh was a lady’s man but as all his siblings have started to settle down he is wondering if there isn’t more to life. Brianna is a single mother of almost 6 year old Layla. She has a good life but it is hard making ends meet, even as she works two jobs and with her mom’s help. Until the day Hugh walks into the bar where she works and the sparks fly. I prefer not to give away the storyline but to instead let you enjoy discovering their journey as it unfolds. Melissa Foster does an amazing job tell a story so lifelike that you feel like you could meet all these people on the street.

This is my second time enjoying this story. I read it on my kindle years ago but the audio version allowed me to listen more closely to the words and to get the feelings or vibes, if you will, even more in-depth. The Narrator does a great job bringing the words to life, even changing the tone of his voice at times. An amazing adventure overall. I hope you will take the leap and take a listen. Enjoy

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