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Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier “X” Rodriguez fell to Earth. Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home. Michael Everhart—the boy once known as Tin—has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team. While Michael dives to help keep the Hive in the air, Captain Leon Jordan rules with an iron fist at the helm of the ship. But unrest stirs under his strict leadership as a prophecy of hope sweeps the lower decks.

When a mysterious distress signal calls the Hell Divers to the surface, Michael and his loyal team begin to uncover long-buried truths and the secrets Captain Jordan will do anything to keep. They dive so humanity survives … but will they survive the ultimate betrayal?

USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers another heart-pounding thriller in Hell Divers II: Ghosts, the second book in the acclaimed science fiction series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
R. C. Bray
hr min
July 18
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Apollolore ,

Why is this not a movie???

Better yet, why is this not a video game. It would be a killer game!

Good story, good pace, good science fiction. No real complaints. Great characters!!! Make you want more of the story

Please, oh please, make the third one audio as well!!! With the same narrator of course, his voice is like Halo’s Master Chief. ;)

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

one can lose one’s self in this story

Captain Jordan has a secret – well several, and they are about to be revealed!  Tin has grown into a strong man and is Commander of the Hell Diver Raptor Team.  Magnolia continues as the fastest Hell Diver of the Raptor Team but makes the ultimate sacrifice.  Hell Diver Xavier Rodriguez (X) has been missing for 10 years from an ill-fated return to the ship.  They all have one thing in common – a secret that Captain Jordan does not want revealed and will stop at nothing to eliminate the risk of exposure.

Every man, woman, and child on the ship are at risk.  Secrets are close to being revealed and those that know them are now on the ground facing even scarier and deadlier creatures than the sirens.  Nothing and no-one is safe.

The apocalyptic future that Nicolas Sansbury Smith paints for humankind is horrendous and beyond description.  Smith gives us monsters that are fierce and rule the earth – but he further shows us just how far one person can go and will do to protect their beliefs and wants.  Not all monsters that lurk in the shadows are what nightmares are made of, but rather the two-legged human kinds are sometimes a thousand times more evil, deadly and ferocious than the creatures roaming the earth’s surface in this series.

Smith is a masterful story-teller that keeps his fans riveted to their ear buds (headphones, etc.).  The bold, never-ending action and danger is gripping. This is a series that one can lose one’s self in and never want it to end.  “They dive so humanity survives”– that small phrase describes the book and its action perfectly.

R.C. Bray is perfect for this series.  He captures the grittiness of each character and projects each character fully simply through his voice.  He adds to the story, making it one of the most difficult books to walk away from until the end.  Even then, his voice will haunt you – you will hear the voices of each character long after you finish the book.  Talented and skilled at narration, both R.C. Bray and Nicolas Sansbury Smith make an awesome team!

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Cadmonkeyaz ,

Amazing sequel

The first book in this series had me hooked on this story, but Hell Divers 2 had me begging for more. The story and the characters are so alive you can easily picture the story unfolding. And the ending was epic! I can't wait for the final book.

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