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More than two centuries after World War III poisoned the planet, the final bastion of humanity lives on massive airships circling the globe in search of a habitable area to call home. Aging and outdated, most of the ships plummeted back to earth long ago. The only thing keeping the two surviving lifeboats in the sky are Hell Divers—men and women who risk their lives by skydiving to the surface to scavenge for parts the ships desperately need.

When one of the remaining airships is damaged in an electrical storm, a Hell Diver team is deployed to a hostile zone called Hades. But there’s something down there far worse than the mutated creatures discovered on dives in the past—something that threatens the fragile future of humanity.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
R. C. Bray
hr min
July 19
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Lloydiewater ,

Hell Divers Series

I am hooked. Each book in this series just gets better. R. C. Bray is Amazing and NSS is Brilliant. The way the story just grabs you and pulls you in. I hope for more in this series.

Aetina ,

Plot Was Unspectacular

It feels like virtually any post-apocalypse story: dangerous monsters, an existential threat to the remains of the human race, the world revolves around scavenging remains of the pre-war world, some specialist has to sacrifice everything to postpone the doom of the remaining population, and some revelation about the post-apocalypse world enables the protagonist to save the day.

I think the most imaginative part of this was the airships and the culture around them. However, all of the details about the airship were either plot fodder or intermission material to make it feel like more was going on. There was a whole class structure to the Hive’s culture, and there was a side plot about it to add tension. It would have been more interesting to hear about the struggles of the Hive’s population rather than brief anecdotes about the dismal conditions they’re stuck in. The side plot piqued my interest more than primary plot in the end.

Normal Nathan ,

Fantastic post apocalyptic tale!

I loved this post apocalyptic book by Nicholas Smith. This is a story about how the last few survivors of a post apocalyptic event survive and what has happened to the world below. The characters were great with Xavier being one of the Hell Divers that descend to the surface of the world. It kept me on the edge the entire time and I can't wait for the next book. Highly recommended to post apocalyptic and monster lovers!

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