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For over twenty years, Belasco House has stood empty. Regarded as the Mount Everest of haunted houses, its shadowed walls have witnessed scenes of unimaginable horror and depravity. All previous attempts to probe its mysteries have ended in murder, suicide, or insanity. But now, a new investigation has been launched, bringing four strangers to Belasco House in search of the ultimate secrets of life and death. A wealthy publisher, brooding over his impending death, has paid a physicist and two mediums to establish the facts of life after death once and for all. For one night, they will investigate the Belasco House and learn exactly why the townsfolk refer to it as the Hell House.

Hell House, which inspired the 1973 film The Legend of Hell House, is Matheson’s most frightening and shocking book and an acknowledged classic of the genre.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ray Porter
hr min
July 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Surfer314 ,

A scary story that sneaks up on you!

Initially armed with a scientist non-believer, if that is your inclination, we enter the Belasco House along with his wife, a spiritualist and prior survivor. At first, the simple events are readily explained by basic scientific reason, as well as basic spiritual ‘rules’. However, at the events escalate from simple to dramatic and yes, creepy, both scientific and metaphysical rationale become more and more challenged to explain them. This competing explanation of the events in the Belasco House makes a very good plot, and the ending is quite a surprise. The narrator of this audio book also does a good job of getting into all the characters.

Visual Tracking ,

Just not not not I am legend....

I thought the book had some moments, but for the most part it was very boring. Not the production either. I think the company that does the audio does a good job but the write just felt contrived. I absolutely loved I am Legend and I not only wrote a review on the matter; I also tell everyone about it. This was not that. Sorry.

i am way ,

I laughed a lot. wasn't planning on it.

Let me say that I am Legend is a great story. Hell House must have been written by his 14 year old nephew in a writing class. Its a ridiculous ride by a man whose writes for his female characters as if he has never actually spoken to a woman-and his mother's bridge playing partners do not count-and who takes a fertile subject like a haunted house, and reduces it to an Archie comic. I was hoping for a haunted house story. What I got was two men, serious logical skeptics using scientific thingajiggers to divine the history of this house. And we have two girls, one who cannot do without her boyfriend, one of the no nonsense skeptics, and a psychic, whose flighty thoughts of love and God urge her fearlessly on to investigate these spirits. In short, these two dingbat chicks interfere with the mens' work, with their emotional vulnerability, giving in to their lustful animal urges, as compelled by these naughty tag team ghosties, and then these silly girls refuse to leave, while the men manfully determine to stay to try out their thingajiggers and get to the bottom of it all. One woman is even held and slapped back to her senses by one of the reasonable manly men.
If this synopsis sounds simplistic, that's because the book is, the characters are, and i was really really bummed.

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