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Among the Trump era’s savviest insiders, one name stands especially tall: Kellyanne.

As a highly respected pollster for corporate and Republican clients and a frequent television talk show guest, Kellyanne Conway had already established herself as one of the brightest lights on the national political scene when Donald Trump asked her to run his presidential campaign. She agreed, delivering him to the White House, becoming the first woman in American history to manage a winning presidential campaign, and changing the American landscape forever. Who she is, how she did it, and who tried to stop her is a fascinating story of personal triumph and political intrigue that has never been told…until now.

In Here’s The Deal, Kellyanne takes you on a journey all the way to the White House and beyond with her trademark sharp wit, raw honesty, and level eye. It’s all here: what it’s like to be dissected on national television. How to outsmart the media mob. How to outclass the crazy critics. How to survive and succeed male-dominated industries. What happens when the perils of social media really hit home. And what happens when the divisions across the country start playing out in one’s own family.

In this open and vulnerable account, Kellyanne turns the camera on herself. What she has to share—about our politics, about the media, about her time in the White House, and about her personal journey—is an astonishing glimpse of visibility and vulnerability, of professional and personal highs and lows, and ultimately, of triumph.

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Kellyanne Conway
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May 24
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Absolutely loved this book! So interesting that I binged listening to the book. Kellyanne you are a Super Star! So well written and very gracious to all that did you wrong. Wishing all God’s Blessings to you and your family! 🙏❤️🇺🇸

mikeys ,

Explains a lot

I listened to this book as a recommendation from a friend. Sadly, I came away disappointed, yet now have a better understanding of the mess known as the Trump presidency.
Clearly, Kellyanne takes no responsibility for the terrible behavior by Trump. Although she brags throughout about how Trump viewed her as a key advisor, she takes most of the book to blame others for the four years of chaos. Most of the book consists of her complaining, whining and bemoaning Kushner, Pribus, Gulliani, and the rest of the Trump crew.
Save your time and money and pass on this one.

Ma Slater ,

Kellyanne Keeps it Real

The most belittled women in politics are often conservative women. None more so than Kellyanne Conway. She was the first woman to run a winning Presidential campaign; she started her own business in her twenties; and she’s a wife and a Mom to 4 children. You would think that would make her a feminist icon by anyone’s standards, but instead of a gushing Vogue magazine cover, Kellyanne was mauled by the mainstream media for having the audacity to serve in the Trump White House for 4 years.

God bless you Kellyanne, thanks for telling your story, and thanks for having the courage of your convictions. You did a great job and you stayed the course.

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