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Herzog is a man seeking balance, trying to regain a foothold on his life. Thrown out of his ex-wife’s house, Herzog retreats to his abandoned home in a remote village in the Berkshire Mountains. Amid the dust of the disused house, he begins scribbling letters to family, friends, lovers, colleagues, enemies, dead philosophers, ex-presidents—anyone with whom he feels compelled to set the record straight. The letters—which are never sent—are a means to cure himself of the psychic strain of the failures of his life: that of being a bad husband, a loving but poor father, an ungrateful child, a distant brother, an egoist to friends, and an apathetic citizen.

Herzog is primarily a novel of redemption. For all of its innovative techniques and brilliant comedy, it tells one of the oldest of stories. Like The Divine Comedy, it progresses from darkness to light, from ignorance to enlightenment. Today it is still considered one of the greatest literary expressions of postwar America.

Malcolm Hillgartner
hr min
November 20
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

J ainey ,


Why has no one reviewed this book? Why have I not connected to Saul's work until now? Anyway, I'm glad I bought it. The reader/performer rendered the characters and the narrative masterfully. Not too much color added, but just the right feel to the diction and the emotion of the dialogue.

As for the book, I liked it very much. Very edifying, sobering, expansive. I think Bellow is like a modern Tolstoy, except sadly, without a clear concession to the divine. The humanity of the story, the perceptions of the central figure, Herzog, are spun such that Bellow's genius comes second only to the life of the story itself.

ipodreader ,

A sad man's rumination

It is rare that I don’t finish an audiobook. I did not finish this one.
Misogynistic and ruminating - who cares. - Not me.

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