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An explosive new science fiction series by New York Times best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson, Hidden Empire is the first volume in The Saga of the Seven Suns, modeled after the Star Wars and X-Files universes. Anderson has become the foremost science fiction writer of the century, bringing to life vivid characters and worlds that delight his fans across the galaxy.

The Klikiss, a now-extinct alien civilization, left behind vast technological information that has been discovered by two xenoarchaeologists. One discovery, a device that converts gas planets into life-giving suns is quickly put to the test with unimaginable results.

Arising out of the test is a new alien species that threatens every human. Mankind is left with the dim reality--either fight the new alien life form or face humiliation, death and extinction. This riveting adventure swings you from one wondrous realm to another as the Hidden Empire is sought after and exposed.

Anderson has created a gripping beginning to what will surely be his best series yet. George Guidall has returned a stellar performance and brought these characters to life in vivid detail.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
George Guidall
hr min
February 13
Recorded Books

Customer Reviews

spudit88 ,

Great Saga...but you better set some time aside

I listened to this entire series in Audio form. The reader/narrator of the first 3 books was awesome...George Guidall. After listening all that time was really hard to switch to a new narrator for the rest of the series (books 4-7). The new reader changed the pronunciation of names, places, accents. It was very difficult to get used to, even to the very end, I found myself mentally correcting the narrator on his pronunciation. I'm a huge fan of audio books and the narrator can make all the difference, I wish he would have kept the original reader.

The saga is fun to listen to and tells several different plots all at once, this a great format because you do not get too burnt out on any one storyline. Although attempts are made at a grand sweeping epic, it really remains just a huge collections of smaller stories. I've read several of the Dune books and although Anderson is a good story teller, he doesn't have that all encompassing vision Herbert had that engrosses the reader. Even so, I had a great time listening to this and found it very entertaining.

Knxvc ,

Great Book, Amazing series.

This is a series that’ll eat up a lot of time if you have a long commute or a repetitive job that takes little focus (like me) then I really recommend giving this series a chance.

This book is mostly about getting you familiar with the characters, and the different political powers at play so it can be a little slow but it sets the scene for a great story and an original take on classic sci-fi concepts.


Wierd Narrator

The story is 'OK' but the narrator sort of disrupts the maturity of the story with his rediculous immitations of female voices or even worse, robot voices. Not neccesary. I think the narrator could have been less animated and more mature with the reading. The basic story idea is ok but it lacks a lot of character development. Characters that are supposedly sophisticated seem to have poor and checheic vocabularis and undeveloped persoinalities. I have to agree with more reviews I read. The book is "OK" and I guess thats a step below "Good". Not worth the money.

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