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Are you living with a narcissist?

Well, let me explain...

People who have the misfortune of intertwining a relationship with a narcissist rarely realize what they are experiencing.

The macabre dance of the narcissist involves the victim at different levels and for the vast majority of the time during which the victim is involved in the relationship, he will do nothing but try to make sense of events that do not make sense.

The victim's ability to deal with, evaluate and react to events was intentionally eroded by the narcissist, with the sole purpose of keeping his grip firmly in place.

It is basically impossible to get a coherent response from the narcissist himself.

This is because he is not only essentially unaware of what he does, but also and above all because he is totally absorbed in his project of obtaining narcissistic supply.

Everything he does makes perfect sense to him, even if it makes no sense to anyone else, but this has no relevance to his eyes. An empathic person always has an insatiable need to understand what really happened; this understanding is also fundamental in the process of recovering one's autonomy and freedom.

Giving meaning to what sense does not have is one of the key moments within the therapeutic path and represents the pivot on which the restructuring of the self of the victim turns.

It is only when all the pieces of the delusional puzzle of the narcissist fit together that the victim has the opportunity to reconstruct and recover what has been sacrificed to the papier-mache altar of narcissistic love.

Understanding never happens painlessly.

The element of greatest dismay is represented precisely by not being able to accept that everything that has been lived has been a pure illusion, a spell of the soul which had as its sole purpose that of preying on the victim's heart and brain and draining its vital resources.

But it is only by understanding this aspect and working on the acceptance of the dramatic, meager, cynical reality that a healthy human being can find himself.

Among those tears, in the folds of those wounds, there is still the whole life and the desire to love.

It is from there that life begins again.

Here's what this book is about:

How cultural heritage affects people with intellectual disabilities
Psychometric practice and psychic children;
The role of empathy in life;
How to identify an opportunity;
Characteristic of a highly sensitive person;
Distinction between introverts, empathetic and highly sensitive;
Personality disorders;
Because very sensitive people absorb the emotions of others;
Shamanic treatment for narcissistic abuse;
Narcissism, love and solutions for married life;

….and so much more.

I will explain to you step by step my bomb-proof methods to overcome this type of disorder and to become a winner in romantic relationships with any partner.

If you are wondering if this is a book that can do for you, know that the answer is yes!

The text aims to explain these topics to anyone who has zero knowledge of narcissism and wants to improve his situation to anyone who has read about it and wants to learn more.

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Bruce Enrietto
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March 14
Geremia Saverio Mezzina