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Christ knew that the splendor of heaven is too great for us to bear just now, and so he used parables as clues to the mystery of paradise. In them are hints of heaven, and they offer profound spiritual advice meant to guide us on the road to eternal glory.

In our age Christ's parables are often reduced to exercises in moralism. In this program Fr. George Rutler, acclaimed author and EWTN television host, unveils these deceptively simple stories, showing you their hidden meanings and how they apply to our own age and way of life.

Let Fr. Rutler take you on an enriching tour of scripture's 24 parables as you learn:

Tares in the Field of the Lord: Why it's necessary that scandals beset the Church and how it brings about a stronger harvest.
The Mustard Seed: Why it gave hope to the early Church and prefigures her glorious future.
The Yeast: How God speaks in a gentle and inward voice that melts the soul, and how you could be drowning him out.
The Hidden Treasure: Are you responding properly to the unique gifts Christ has given you?
The Net: Many will be sifted out. How to be sure you are among the souls he keeps.
The Unmerciful Servant: Not only must you forgive, you must convert the offender. Are you a channel for God's grace?
Laborers in the Vineyard: Are you letting selfishness and pride get in the way of the salvation of your neighbor's soul?
The Two Sons: The dangers of agnosticism. Are you guilty? You may be astonished at the answer.
The Marriage of the King's Son: Why frequent reception of the sacraments is necessary for dwelling at the wedding feast.
The 10 Virgins: There's a difference between watching and being prepared for Christ's return. Are you ready?
The 10 Talents: God has given you a special gift. Do you know what it is and how you should use it?

Religion & Spirituality
John Haynes Walker
hr min
March 26
Sophia Institute Press

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As inspirational as G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis

One of The Almighty's tender mercies to me has been the blessing of books. While my intention is not to suggest any other book could supplant The Holy Bible in greatness or in ability to sanctify us body, soul and spirit, I am overjoyed to have discovered the writings of Father George William Rutler. While I have been helped and inspired by many Christian authors along my faith journey, I did not expect to discover Father Rutler’s writings would become as dear to me as the writings of G.K. Chesterton and a few others gifted in apologetics, depth and brilliance. After reading Father Rutler’s education of a book, "He Spoke to Us", I began searching iTunes for an audio version of that particular book as well as for any of his others. "Hints of Heaven" is thus far the only one available and I am thankful to have listened to it. To assist in learning how to pronounce the names of many people and places to which he refers, he is an author whose books I hope to have in both written and audio form. Father Rutler is not only a beautiful light in this sometimes dark and frightening world, he is simultaneously a large and precious jewel in the crown of the priesthood of the Catholic Church and a gift to all of Christendom.

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