His by Command: Primarian Mates, Volume 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Leading an all-female crew on a deep-space expedition weighs heavily on Maggie Vohlmer's young shoulders. Their mission: Find a habitable planet to replace the dying Earth. 

While a landing party comprised of her best and brightest scientist is exploring a promising new world, they are attacked. Maggie is left with an untenable decision: Pursue a powerful enemy who has taken eight of her own, or leave them to their fate while protecting the hundreds of women still under her command.   

Unexpectedly, their ship is seized by the same enemy, aliens who are gorgeous, human-like men, except for their incredible height, long, glossy dark hair, and extraordinary eyes in beautiful gold, teal, and violet. They are surprised when their attackers aren’t the barbarians they expect, but from an advanced society. Maggie and her crew are further shocked when they are whisked away to the aliens’ world where the males make the rules and their women are expected to submit.    

As leader of the Primarian Space Fleet, Commander Roth is dedicated to protecting his people and planet from otherworldly threats, as well as searching out a compatible species that will help save his dwindling race. With so much at stake, he doesn’t have the time for a mate. But destiny has other plans for him, sending him the perfect match in the form of the curvy, blonde captain.  

Except Maggie refuses to submit willingly, and Roth refuses to bend. Both struggle to deny the passionate chemistry that flares hotly between them.   

Despite the one incredible night they share, and the memories of him that haunt her every waking hour, as the Odyssey's captain, Maggie is unwilling to give up the fight for their freedom, not while her mission to save the people of Earth is unfulfilled.  

Will they succumb to the desire that is drawing them closer together? And when in a twist of fate, they are matched almost perfectly, can these two dedicated and determined leaders find a way to coexist?

Rhonda Provencher, Rodd Provencher
hr min
December 30
Maddie Taylor