History Is Wrong

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Erich von Däniken again shows his flair for revealing truths that his contemporaries have missed. After closely analyzing hundreds of ancient and apparently unrelated texts, he is now ready to proclaim that human history is nothing like the world religions claim-and he has the proof!

In History Is Wrong, von Däniken takes a closer look at the fascinating Voynich manuscript, which has defied all attempts at decription since its discovery, and makes some intriguing revelations about the equally incredible book of Enoch.

Von Däniken also unearths the astounding story of a lost subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador said to be home to an extensive library of thousands of gold panels. He supplies evidence that the metal library has links not only to the Book of Enoch but also to the Mormons, who have spent decades searching for it, believing it to contain the history of their forefathers.

And what about the mysterious lines in the desert of Nazca that resemble landing strips when viewed from the air? Archeologists claim they are ancient procession routes. "Think again!" cries von Däniken, as he reveals the data that the archeologists never even thought to check.

History Is Wrong will challenge your intellect-and maybe a few long-held beliefs, too.

John Allen Nelson
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March 31
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Customer Reviews

Barbieo ,

Exceptional book, heroic author

This book is for those who have the ability to open their mind and challenge reality to find their own truth. Where other scientists stop at their own mental limits, Eric finishes by asking questions so the listener can make their own decisions. Growth comes when you can unlearn all you were told while growing up, and learn how to learn. This book and those like it assist in this process by asking questions from a place of facts and truth. Enjoy. Don't listen to the reviewers who have become incapable of learning something new. Always stay open to new facts as they reveal themselves.

NioNova ,

People are afraid

It is sad to me, to view a society that spits on others for trying to help them. Erich Von Daniken does not claim to be a profit or to possess special information that the masses are not privy to. He simply has a gifted mind that allows him the ability to question ideologies and historical perspectives and then fallow up with them by asking
more questions. We all can take a lesson from this man. Do not accept what has been spoon fed to you from out of date history books and the over powered media. Free yourself and become an independent thinker or look the other way and accept what people tell you to be true. It's up to you.

RD Kirkpatrick ,


christianity is the biggest lie ever pulled on humans!

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