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As a savvy and motivated professional, you’re constantly on the lookout for high-impact leadership strategies to take your business to the next level and beyond—without bogging you down in abstract theories or exhaustive case studies. You need foolproof ways to lead your people to achieve outstanding results, even in challenging times. As legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said, it’s time to get “brilliant on the basics.”

The world’s great business leaders make it all look easy because they keep it simple: measurable, repeatable methods that generate exceptional results in both strong markets and weak, good economies and bad.

There is perhaps no greater student—and teacher—of these proven and timeless leadership strategies than Brian Tracy, whose business books, seminars and consulting work have guided countless thousands of professionals, executives, and leaders of all stripes to truly startling results.

In How the Best Leaders Lead, Tracy breaks down the art and science of business leadership into the seven fundamental responsibilities that outstanding leaders master. Essential for success in any organization and every leadership position, they are:

Setting and achieving goals
Fostering innovation
Problem solving and decision making
Setting priorities
Setting high standards—and leading by example
Inspiring and motivating others
Performing and achieving results
How do you master these responsibilities? First, you must ask yourself, “How well do I know myself and what do I truly want in my work and my life?” How the Best Leaders Lead will take you through a thorough self-analysis with which you will discover what is truly important to you—and identify the specific steps you must take to achieve it. You’ll then listen Tracy’s life-changing lessons culled from the leading edges of business, the annals of history and military strategy, and the wisdom of the world’s most powerful leadership and management thinkers past and present.Leadership is an exact science but a simple one, born of clear vision and courage, self -knowledge and integrity, focus and confidence.

With acute insight and Brian Tracy’s quintessentially accessible guidance, How the Best Leaders Lead, brings those powerful attributes and leadership greatness easily within your reach.

Business & Personal Finance
Brian Tracy
hr min
January 8
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Customer Reviews

Andrew1985abc ,

First read in 2009

When I was 21 I downloaded this book in order to learn English. Although I barely understood English at that time, I listen to this audiobook for probably over 20 times for the next year, and that's because of the author's pleasant voice, intonation, and the subject. When I had an opportunity to work on a ship as a seaman, I impressed the manager with my good accent, my expressions, as I use many words from Brians vocabulary. But that's not it, the book content changed my life in many ways, and I'm happy to get this book from iTunes now!

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