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Become a mentalist today!

I can tell he is lying! He is trying to hide his agitation, but gestures and facial expressions will always give a person away. Eyes are moving, fingers are drumming on the table. But no, the next moment, he looks directly into my eyes. And such a sincere look, such an open one, penetrates directly into my soul. Should I believe him or not? Maybe I misunderstood him.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation?

How can you be sure about someone’s true intentions? By learning to read a person like an open book! So that not a shadow of doubt remains in what his true intentions, thoughts, and feelings are. They say there is a way to accurately judge the nature and behavior of a person - by his gestures and facial expressions.

Is there a way to become a professional in this matter? Yes, there is!

With this audiobook, you can learn professional secrets that aid in drawing up psychological portraits, and recognizing lies, the techniques of dark psychology, manipulation, and more!

What is it? A miracle? Science fiction? No, all this exists in reality, and this really can be learned! That is why we present this audiobook to you.

Not every person is an open book. But when you meet someone, you can "read between the lines", as if in search of the meaning of turns of speech in a novel. Try to analyze the person, paying attention to such qualities as the voice’s pitch, the speaker’s body language, and behavior. This will greatly simplify your life and reduce the time currently spent in meaningless searches for the "right" people. This will teach you to distinguish lies from truth; you’ll be able to find exactly those people who need you not for selfish gain, but for sincere communication.

This entertaining and informative audiobook provides all the knowledge necessary about any psychological traps or manipulation.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

Why our own animal nature and instincts influence our perception and behavior
Stop being a victim of lies and learn how to understand when someone in lying!
The worst mistakes to avoid when talking to other people
Why nonverbal and paraverbal language are even more important than spoken language
Why it is necessary to analyze people if you want to achieve success in communicating with other people
Learn the secrets of dark psychology and discover the best manipulation techniques!
Find out how to avoid making a bad impression by not sending the wrong body language signals
How to understand and use body language to your own advantage
And so much more

Learn how to read other people like an open book and never be the victim of manipulation!

Science & Nature
Chris Lynch
hr min
October 17
Stan Kowalski PhD