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Analyzing people at first glance is natural. We all do it, and there is no point in denying it. Through instinct and experience, some people are better in this process than others. This is also undeniable. However, science and research have made it possible to learn a few ways to make sure the analyses we make of the people we meet for the first time are not based only on instinct and experience but also on undeniable scientific facts.

How to Analyze People has the purpose of presenting those ways to the general public, to explain them and to point out the necessity of incorporating them into our way of sizing up people and drawing our conclusions about them. Many texts speak only about the ways of observing the eyes. Other texts refer to the body language or "nonverbal communication", as it has become to be known. A few more texts refer to how the pitch and intonation of a voice carries out the messages.

These are all gathered up in one audiobook so that the total sum of the observations that need to be made in order to make our analysis as correct as possible and draw a correct conclusion out of it is brought to common knowledge in the hopes of avoiding misunderstandings and unnecessary emotional outbreaks that may lead to unfortunate and regrettable actions - actions that are unbecoming to a modern and peaceful society.

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Dave Wright
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October 28

Customer Reviews

SaffronSugar ,

I found this under the category Psychology?!

This actually suggest that a persons personality can be partially determined by the color of their eyes?! "light eyes are seen as being more sexy" implies that white people are seen as being more sexy than anyone else. With most of the worlds population residing in the continent of Asia, most people in the world have brown eyes. Does this mean they are all trustworthy and dominant? That none of these people can't be cold or intellectual?! Surely this eye color analysis is less scientifically reliable than the daily horoscope. I hope this is not meant to be taken seriously.

Solissa ,


This book is not a reliable tool for anyone wanting to hone their skills at reading and analyzing people. The techniques discussed do not take into account cultural differences and mannerisms that might explain behavior. All in all, this book does not offer a proper guide for analyzing and reading people.

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