How to Beat Anxiety and Panic Attacks!: A Registered Nurse's Way to Put Anxiety and Panic Attacks to an End (Unabridged‪)‬

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Stop anxiety and panic attacks NOW. You can do it. I did. This book was written by T.L. Campbell, M.S.N., R.N., and he will help you to not only stop your anxiety disorder, but to completely cure them.

Almost everyone with an anxiety disorder of who suffer from panic attacks are told to “just deal with it.” They have no idea what they are saying. They haven’t experienced it like you and I have.

Many people are prescribed medications to calm them, but medication causes addiction and reliance, and side effects that are not optimal to recovery.

Some people are referred to counselors and psychologists, and that approach doesn’t always work.

Anxiety and panic attacks require a unique approach. Left uncontrolled, anxiety will grow into a beast that is nearly uncontrollable. Once it has us completely in its grasp it will seek to destroy us.

This audiobook is based on science and fact. A nurse is bound by law, integrity, and an oath to do no harm. Therefore, only the most factual and effective information is included in this audiobook.

It is designed to STOP the attacks. They have been tested on thousands of people just like you, and the author who suffered from anxiety disorder for 10 very long years.

The goal of this book is both unique and simple:

First, you’ll understand what anxiety really is and how it affects our bodies. Without this knowledge you won’t know how to fight it and win.
You'll learn how to put time-tested techniques to work for you and turn off the anxiety at the root source. This book doesn’t only address the signs and symptoms, it addresses and defeats the cause of the disorder.

This book makes understanding and curing anxiety and panic attacks simple by removing all the extra mumbo-jumbo that other books include for word count. Yes, you can beat anxiety! Yes, you can do away with panic attacks. Yes, you will understand, and learn, and fight away the crippling hold this disorder has on you.

By purchasing this audiobook right now you are taking you first committed step into getting your life back.

Andrel Sheree
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September 12
T.L. Campbell, MSN, RN

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