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"The meek shall inherit the Earth." Most people have heard this saying; however, many cut-throat and competitive people do not agree. They are under the impression that the most successful, most ruthless, and most tactful people will inherit the Earth. Not only will the strong inherit the Earth, but they will come out on top as being the most successful, the wealthiest, the most revered, and the most ruthless.

If we look back on human evolution, we see that the races, cultures, and religions with the strongest and most ruthless leaders are the ones who come out on top. The most desirable men and women attract each other to make the next generation of children to pass down their family name and their legacy. The most successful, wealthy, and powerful people rise to the top leadership roles in nearly every industry, and they use cut-throat tactics and strategies to remain competitive and at the top of their game.

To come out on top, one must learn the game. Every winner must study and earn his or her own place in the game of dating, the game of life, and the strategy that defines career, wealth, and overall status. Every winner must strive for success in their chosen fields, and they must wield a huge array of talents, skills, tactics, and strategies in order to beat out the competition.

This audiobook strives to give you the edge. It promotes ways to beat out your competition, including using manipulation and power plays as necessary. By educating yourself on the psychology of human interactions, you can come out on top every time. You can collect human beings in your corner to use as pawns in the game of dating and in the game of life.

This audiobook doesn’t strive to be kind, gentle, or politically correct. It seeks to show you how to be ruthless, evil, and conniving to get what you want. Real leaders have moral unevenness, and they adjust their personal and familial values in order to help them gain a competitive edge.

Sorrel Brigman
hr min
December 7
JB Snow Publishing

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