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Learn How to Master Your Ability to Focus and Capacity to Stop Procrastination.
Do you always have a hard time trying to wake up in the morning? Do you feel like you don't have any motivation to do the work required to succeed?
Start improving your productivity with A.V. Mendez's daily actionable guide that will give you the best ideas to help you build your focus muscle and help you maximize your full potential in life, work, job, and business.
Here's what you'll discover in this book bundle:
BOOK 1 – How to Focus
The best remedies for distractions that forces you to focus on your task almost instantly
The #1 principle to follow if you want less distractions and more action
The real secret to building a meditation habit that doesn't suck
Why a NOT TO DO list may be better than your classic to-do list
How your environment affects your ability to focus and what you can do about it
Should you multi-task? Is it really dangerous for your productivity? Answered once and for all!
The one practice that you can do that will transform how you work, double your output and make you get things done
BOOK 2 – Stop Procrastination & Increase Productivity
The best productivity methods to follow if you're lazy
Why the Pomodoro Technique works in increasing your productivity by at least 50%
How to set goals without getting bored
How to plan your day and your week
How to avoid distraction and be focus as a highly regarded sniper!
Why breaks are crucial to your ability to get things done
A simple tool that will increase your productivity by at least 50%
How to generate motivation when it feels like all is lost
How to kill procrastination forever!
There's an abundance of information out there about productivity and procrastination... This book isn't just about information, it's about building a habit and implementing a daily action guide that will help you achieve maximum belief in yourself.
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Trevor Ohaire
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October 14
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