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Do you want to change your life but don't know how? Wayne Dyer has discovered that it is possible to manifest exactly what you want in your life, and his positive enthusiasm is both intellectually sound and spiritually authentic. "We can do a somersault into the unimaginable," he says, by using the limitless power of our consciousness. "As you think, so shall you be, is not just a pithy little homily out of the Bible, it's the way the universe works."

By re-connecting with your source, you begin co-creating your life and Dyer tells you how to go about it. Let the "father of motivation" fill you with the possibilities.

Michael Toms
hr min
March 21
New Dimensions Foundation

Customer Reviews

Hgfgb ,

Not an audiobook

Its really an interview... Still worth the 99 cents!

ThatOneGuywiththeHair ,

Let Me Save You 95 Cents...

Wayne Dyer is a great speaker, however, this INVERVIEW (not an audio book) is pretty lame. Dr. Dyer and the inverviewer spend the entire time "one-upping" each other about how many good books they have read, and how many exotic places they have been to, and how many notable people they have interacted with. It gets old after about 4 minutes, and what really killed it for me was when Dr. Dyer boasted about how he NEVER prepares anything for any of his talks or seminars. Putting my personal opinion aside, there was ONE great truth or skill that Dr. Dyer emphasises in this interview. He claims that the one great skill that all successful people share is the ability to visualize the attainment of their goals. In short, if you learn to visualize your goals, the easier they will be to achieve. I just saved you a dollar.

chillwax ,

Misleading content

This needs to be clearly labeled as an interview. I bought it thinking it was an actual audiobook. This is more of a podcast and should be free, IMO. If I paid more than a dollar I would be pretty angry.

Dyer does have some interesting things to say and it's still worth a listen. It sure beats paying $25 for one of his real audiobooks. I'm assuming he just finds different ways to say the same basic concept ("as you think, so shall you be.")

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