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This is not an audiobook about pick up lines, being taller, using pheromones, positive thinking B.S., or even going to the right places to meet single women.

You see, the plain truth is that it is much more fruitful for you, if your work on making yourself attractive to women, than keep looking for the right places to meet women.

If you can make yourself attractive to women, than you can effortlessly and naturally attract any and all women, regardless of any sausage fest conditions you may find yourself in. And without any hard work, black voodoo magic, or making a deal with the devil.

In this book we will reveal all the dirty little secrets to making yourself attractive to every woman and shift your perspective from looking for women, to finding the right woman.

Listen, there are 3 components we will go through in detail in this book, a philosophical, strategic, and behavioral component.

You see, women aren't concerned with how good looking you are, or even how much money you make. This is why women date cheaters, criminals, and drug dealers.

Look, if you can follow this simple guide to make yourself magnetic to every woman, it doesn't matter how good looking your are, your age, height, weight, ethnicity, race, religion, or creed.

You will create recurring passive streams of sexy single women all banging on your door, wanting to hang out with you, date you, make out with you, and even sleep with you.

In this audiobook we will cover:

Why women like a-holes, jerks, and bad boys
How to talk to women
How to be confident
How to be a ladies man
How to destroy approach anxiety
Exactly what to say her
How to ask her out
The #1 attraction killer
And more


Yes, a warning. This is a blunt revelation of the plain truth to attracting women, and making yourself a magnet to every woman.

This will offend the herd and if you cling to the delusional belief that leprechauns ride unicorns on rainbows, and if only you make more money, get in shape, get taller, hypnotize her, or use the right pickup line then you will attract women, good luck.

But if you're ready to climb aboard and get on the fast track to using a simple proven, blueprint to effortlessly, and naturally attract women, let us commence at once.

Willis Combs
hr min
April 25
Willis Combs

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