How to Know God: The Soul's Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries (Abridged‪)‬

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You don't have to believe in God in order to experience God.
--- Deepak Chopra

The celebrated author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has written his most ambitious and important work yet, a runaway international bestseller that has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers to rethink their concept of God.

According to Chopra, the brain is hardwired to know God. The human nervous system has seven biological responses that correspond to seven levels of divine experience. These are shaped not by any one religion (they are shared by all faiths), but by the brain's need to take an infinite, chaotic universe and find meaning in it. How to Know God describes the quest each of us is on, whether we realize it or not. For, as Chopra puts it, "God is our highest instinct to know ourselves." This book makes a dramatic and enduring contribution to that knowledge.

Religion & Spirituality
Deepak Chopra
hr min
March 13
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Mary Cary ,

Very Cool and Interesting.

Deepak Chopra pulls "science" together with the bible, getting into age old questions like why God seemed more angry in the old testiment, explaining that it has to do with what we as humans needed in those days from God, and our brain's ability to perceive God at that time. He goes on the explain how Jesus turned water into wine, from a quantum physics view, and how those things we understand as miracles, truly are possible.

Deepak Chopra seems to be a fan of Jesus in many of the ways which brought me to Christianity. However, as a Christian, I see God as separeate from myself.

Deepak Chopra leaves me, as the listener with a lot of questions, although he presents his rather thick ideas as facts. All in all, I'm really enjoying it, in order to completely understand what he's saying I may have to give it another listen.

rev sully ,

Great Stuff

I love the perspective that Chopra brings...pertaining to the 7 Stages of God in the way Humans percieve this cosmos with these creator-endowed senses. Listening to Chopra hasn't changed my life...but it is great listening to someone verbalize what I already felt. I am Spiritually Independent and consider myself and IntrePoop Reverend; with Chopra's great cadence, wisdom lateral thinking spanning cultures & epochs...I am now making my own metaphors for God.
Crea Shaakti & Tat Tvam Asi,
Rev Sully

GothMom ,

By attempting to be everything nothing is accomplished

I felt that the purpose of this book was to make money for the author not to enlighten the reader. Although some points were well made overall the book was a disappointment. From now on when exploring spiritual matters I will stick with the the Dali Lama or others who are invested in the spiritual well being of others not making a fast buck.

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