How to Quit Being a Loser with Women (Unabridged‪)‬

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This game-changing book teaches you how to effectively and consistently get women's attention and attract them without having to waste money, kiss ass, or be manipulative and dishonest.

Do you know EXACTLY what to think, say, and do to create attraction between you and beautiful, hard to get women? To make them want to talk to you, spend time with you, date you and, even, become your girlfriend? Most guys don’t. It’s not something we're born with. It’s not common and easily accessible knowledge. Instead of learning the powerful information in this book known to only 1 percent of men, most men choose to settle and, for the rest of their lives, stare at beautiful women and WISH they knew how to attract and be with them. This helpful and insightful book teaches you how to get the women you actually want and improve your mindset, behavior, and habits to get beautiful women's attention and avoid the embarrassment, heartache, and frustration 99 percent of men experience. If you want to stop falling victim to the constant and clueless mistakes you've been making in your dating life, buy this book and listen to it right now.  

A 100 percent must-have if you want to dramatically change the way women respond to you, treat you, and feel about you:

Learn how beautiful and hard to get women think, feel, and why
Avoid the rookie mistakes other men make
Avoid looking creepy, weird, sketchy, and even psycho
Train your mind to get positive results with women
Learn how to make yourself more attractive
Learn which mindsets, behaviors, and habits make women respond better
Learn how to intelligently and effectively interact with women, get them on dates, and move the relationship from one level to the next   

Here’s some of what you’re about to learn:

How to handle “failure” with women
How improving yourself creates attraction faster
Why women can be complex, contradictory, and hard to understand
Why women say they want nice guys but date jerks
How attraction works and what happens when you flip her “attraction switch”
Why old methods of getting women’s attention don't work
What your mindset should be when you’re single
How often you should think about getting laid
How to quit thinking women are out of your league
How to get past the “bitch shield”  
How to overcome shyness, nervousness, and fear
How to properly handle rejection
How to properly handle feelings, drama, conflict, and tough situations with women
How to stop getting jealous and ruining things
When it’s appropriate to apologize
One word that gets women's respect
Where to draw the line and avoid the friend zone
And more

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