How to Quit Church Without Quitting God: Why Going to Church Today Is Unbiblical, Un-Christlike, and Spiritually Risky (Unabridged‪)‬

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With childlilke boldness and profound logic, Martin Zender exposes the spiritual bankruptcy of the religious institution. Zender's mastery of satire separates him from the pious; his Scriptural expertise launches him as the primary spokesman for those who desire God, but don't trust the establishments that boast His name.

"This book describes the joy and freedom you will experience by quitting organized religion. By necessity, it must expose the world’s most popular religion, and the hypocrisies that poison it. The way I see it, no one can properly enjoy God from the perspective of an institution. But who will quit the institution if they think that everything is “just fine” there? But nothing is “just fine” there, not even close. So I sound the call to freedom. I do this, not by promoting my own authority or instructing you from my podium (the method of most “how-to” authors), but by pointing out the spiders on the institution walls and demonstrating how green (and pest-free) is the grass on the other side. 

I believe one of the main reasons the world rejects Jesus Christ is that it thinks He’s a member of the religion bearing His name. If only the world realized how much Jesus hates hypocrisy, ice-cream socials, and repetitive worship songs, they would depart without compunction. I saw a bumper sticker recently that said, “I have no problem with God, it’s His fan club I can’t stand.” 

Millions of church people today secretly want to quit church, but they balk because they think that if they quit church, they’ll be quitting God. No. God and His Son quit organized religion years ago, and haven’t been back. (Well, they never were members in the first place.) And would you believe me if I told you that not one person in the Bible ever “went to church”? The church is people, not an address on Main Street. One does not go to it, one is it. 

Do you go to church every week? Then this book will challenge you. Have you walked away from organized religion? Then this book will comfort you. Have you avoided religion all your life? 

You may be a spiritual genius." - Martin Zender 

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