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James Wesley Rawles, founder of survivalblog.com, shares with you everything you need to know to be ready for the worst. The book includes information on proper food storage and sanitation, gardening and livestock basics, investment strategies to protect your assets, medical advice, communication techniques, home security, and how to get "outta Dodge" when, in the parlance of the movement, "the shit hits the fan".

Dick Hill
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December 29
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wcam ,

How to survive the end of the world as we know it

One of the most practical and extensive preparedness guides for living during both a rapidly or slowly developing societal collapse. This audio book is amazing even if only as a list of resources.

SteveMcPilot ,

Patriots: How to survive in the coming collapse

I read this book over about 10 days. It was riveting! The book inspired a lot of "what if?" type thinking. My wife belongs to a book club that reads mainly fluff novels. She complains that when they get together to discuss the novel no one really has anything to say.
Patriots, whether you agree with the premise or not, will absolutely provide a topic for many interesting discussions. I have learned just how vulnerable we all are. Even for "mini" disasters my family is not prepared for more than a day or two to survive off the grid. What would we do for water if it didn't flow out the faucet or flush the toilet? How would we take care of our two dogs? How would we protect ourselves from looters?
Rawles takes the worst case scenario, total economic collapse, and and describes survival techniques all wrapped up in a very interesting story. I learned stuff while enjoying the read. What a concept!
Have your friends read or listen to this book, too. You'll want them to know what you know when the collapse happens.

Vio765 ,

I hope you are rich

Just a couple of things you will need before you are truely prepared:
1.) $4+ Million
2.) ~1-3 years of prep time
3.) Having this book memorized

Seriously, though: the things described in this book, although true, are very unlikely for us. Spare night vision scopes? Sure thing, I will run out and pick a few up tomorrow. I forgot to mention that I have two children and make about $50K a year. No problem, I will go to the vault and scrape a few onces of gold off the 20 bars stored away next to my ten 50-caliber rifles and Abrams tank. Lol.

This book is highly idealistic and not applicable to the average family. Only someone with vast amounts of cash and time can pull this off. Although very insightful, most of us do not have the resources needed to thrive as this book described. Still a good read.

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